Grade 4 Mathematics Number and Number Relations: Lesson 3

Grade 4 Mathematics Number and Number Relations: Lesson 3

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Grade 4 Mathematics 22 Lesson 3, Number and Number Relations Grade 4 Mathematics Number and Number Relations: Lesson 3 Read aloud to the students the material that is

Grade 4 Mathematics Number and Number Relations: Lesson 3 free download

Grade 4 Mathematics22Lesson 3, Number and Number Relations Grade 4 Mathematics Number and Number Relations: Lesson 3 Read aloud to the students the material that is printed in boldface type inside the boxes. Information in regular type inside the boxes and all information outside the boxes should not be read to students. Possible student responses are included in parentheses after the questions. NOTE: The directions read to students may depend on the available materials. Read only those parts of the lesson that apply to the materials you are using. Any directions that ask you to do something, such as to turn to a page or to hand out materials to students, will have an arrow symbol (þ) by them. Purpose of Lesson 3: · In this lesson, the tutor and the students will ü understand the concepts of addition and subtraction, ü see the relationship between addition and subtraction, and ü determine which operation is needed to solve a problem. Equipment/Materials Needed: · About 30 counters, beans, cubes, etc. If possible, party favor stores have cute little animals or toys that are great to have the students use as counters. Use anything to make the activities more interesting. · Copies of Student Sheets 9 – 11 · Paper and pencils Preparations before beginning Lesson 3: · Gather 30 counters. · Run off 1 copy of Students Sheets 9 – 11 for each student. · Have paper and pencils available. Grade 4 Mathematics23Lesson 3, Number and Number Relations Lesson 3: Number and Number Relations It is extremely important that addition and subtraction be introduced and taught with real-world ideas. When students just see naked numbers, numbers without any context, they tend to memorize rules that they soon forget or use incorrectly. In this lesson, you will focus on helping the children understand what it means to add or to subtract. You will also focus on choosing which operation to use to solve a problem. Operations refer to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When you use

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