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Gourmet's First Decade. Gourmet Magazine. September 2001. [3] Marcus, Erica. Condé Nast pulls plug on Gourmet magazine. Newsday. 5 October 2009.

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September 1943 by Henry StahlhutClick to enlargeGourmet Magazine? Copyright 2010. Do not copy. All rights reserved and enforced.February 2005 CoverGourmet Magazine (1940 to 2009) was an American food magazine. More than that, one could argue it was themost prestigious food magazine ever yet produced.It treated food as a part of culture. ough it carried recipes, it was not a recipe magazine. (It was not until 1965, 25years after it had been printing recipes, that Gourmet even set up its own test kitchens.) Instead, it was more of an"aspirational life-style" magazine, known for its long, leisurely articles of which food might be the focus, or, it mightbe just a pretext for the article, which veered off in other directions. ey sold a fantasy; they sold you what youmight create in your life, if only for one brief moment in early summer's dappled sunlight or mid-autumn'smoonbeams on the bay."Gourmet was and long has been the market leader. It may not always have sold the most ? though it regularlyshifted over a million copies ? but it always was the glossiest, the shiniest, the most indulgent. Gourmet was amagazine people collected. It was a habit." -- Jay Rayer [1]To many subscribers, Gourmet Magazine was above all a "good read", ratherthan something you propped up in the kitchen as an instructional recipeguide. Many felt that the best issues of Gourmet Magazine were always thesummer ones, which would transport you by rapture to a sunny sidewalk cafein Rome tossing crumbs to the little birds hopping by. e magazine was alsooften a work of art in itself, with its full page, glossy colour "food porn"pictures and on location food shots set around the world, drenched in earlyevening white-burgundy hued sunlight. Each month's cover would be eagerlyanticipated. Gourmet took such pride in its covers that the subscriber andnews

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