Global Employer Services Alert Harmonizing global & local perspectives Recent Changes to ...

Global Employer Services Alert Harmonizing global & local perspectives Recent Changes to ...

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Harmonizing global & local perspectives. Recent Changes to. Employment and Business. Visa Our alert summarizes the recent key changes from an employment and business visa perspective. Key Highlights. Heads Tel: + 91 (079) 6682 7300. Fax: + 91 (079) 6682 7400. Bangalore. Deloitte Centre 

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India | Tax & Regulatory | For private circulation only | 27 July 2017 Global Employer Services Alert Harmonizing global & local perspectives R ecent Changes to Employment and Business Visa Issue no: GES/ 23 /2017 In this issue: Background Key Highlights Comments Do you know about Dbriefs? Contacts Background  The government of India has taken various measures for liberalization, simplification and rationalization of the visa regime in India  Our alert summarizes the recent key changes from an employment and business visa perspective Key Highlights Heads Particulars Minimum salary limit has now been fixed in Indian Rupees instead of US Dollars  The annual minimum salary limit for an employment v isa, is now fixed in Indian rupees Earlier , the annual minimum salary was in US dollars Accordingly, as against the limit of USD 25,000 per annum, a revised threshold of INR 1,625,000 per annum , now applies  Further, fo reign nationals to be appointed as teachers by the Central Higher Educational Institutions will have a lower minimum salary limit of INR 910,000 (USD 14,000) per annum  Given the above change, i t would be advisable that the assignment / employment contract capture s the salary details in INR  While the above change mandate s the salary limit in INR , some FRRO s / FRO s, continue to request the salary details in USD Accordingly, if required the above mentioned INR salary threshold would need to be specifically highlighted to the FRRO s/ FRO s Form C requirements  Furth er to our earlier alert dated 20 May 2016, most FRROs / FROs are now insisting on filing of Form C in respect of rented accommodation housing foreign nationals  Additionally, we understand that Chennai FRRO is now insisting on departure / check out particulars of foreign nationals to be reported in the online Form C The other FRROs / FROs may also start insisting on the same Mandatory biometric recording at FRO Pune  FRO Pune has started recording foreign nati onal’s fingerprints and iris scan during all services ( registration, visa extension, etc ) We understand that this is currently not the practice at other FRRO s / FRO s Long term multiple entry Business visa  The facility of 10 years long term multiple entry business visa for USA, Canada and Japan ese national s will continue  Nationals of 33 specified countries shall be granted a multiple entry business visa with maximum validity of up to 5 years The validity shall be decided by the concerned Indian missions / posts at their discre tion However, for nationals of China, Bangladesh and Pakistan the overall validity would be in line with bilateral agreements / policy guidelines as issued from time to time  Nationals of all other countries would be granted a multiple entry business visa of 5 years as a default option as a gainst maximum validity of 1 year in the past  Regardless of the maximum validity indicated above, the Indian missions / posts may restrict the validity where the business visa requirement of the specific case is fo r a lesser period  The grant of multiple entry 5 years business visa will be issued with a stipulation, “Continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 180 days and registration not required”  Biometric enrolment and interview will be mandatory for grant of multiple entry business visa Sub categorization of visa Emplo yment, business and related dependent visa s have now been sub categorized as against the earlier practice of issuing a single category of visa : Employment visa sub category :  E1 Short te rm remunerative employment up to 6 months  E2

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