Global Citizenship Annual Report

Global Citizenship Annual Report

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Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the United Nations Global Compact change, fossil depletion and water depletion. gas (GHG) emissions, resource usage and the . manufacturing facilities are located in China, Malaysia, .. types; Seagate measures energy and carbon emissions.

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FY2015 Global Citizenship Annual Report FY2015 Global Citizens hip Annual Report | INTRODUCTION 2 The FY2015 Global Citizenship Annual Report describes Seagate’s approach to advancing sustainable, responsible business practices in all aspects of its products, services and operations This report provides highlights of our F iscal Year (FY) 2015 performance and metrics for FY2016 and beyond Contents 03 Message from Our Chairman and CEO 04 About Our Report 05 Company Profile 07 Global Citizenship Highlights 10 Governance and Ethics 13 Product Sustainability 18 Environmental Sustainability 26 Our Employees 35 Supply Chain 38 Com m unity Engagem ent 45 Summary of Performance 46 Report Content Index 50 Env ironment, Health and Safety Policy 51 Stakeholder Engagement 52 Hum an Rights Policy 53 Acrony m Index Inquiries regarding this report may be directed to [email protected] FY2015 Global Citizens hip Annual Report | INTRODUCTION 3 Message from Our Chairman and C hief Executive Officer (CEO) Global Citizenship FY 2015 – Our Commitment to Sustainability Seagate is committed to sustainable, ethical, socially responsible business practices that underpin and enhance our business, balancing the company’s goals with our impact on society and the environment As a global citizen with stakeholders around the world, Seagate is committed to supporting internationally recognized standards, such as the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Unit ed Nations Global Compact (UNGC) , and actively participates in industry forums to advance sustainable and responsible practices In FY 2015, Seagate remained focused on key priorities Highlights include: • Our ongoing work in the area of product sustainability We conducted one product life cycle assessment (LCA) in FY2015 The objective is to understand our products’ cradle to grave impact in critical areas such as climate change, fossil depletion and water depletion Additionally , at the end of FY2015 all Seagate produced heads and media were validated to be conflictfree • Optimizing operations to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, resource usage and the generation of waste The company generated slightly less amounts of hazardous waste than in the previous fiscal year, and Seagate sent no hazardous was te to landfills in FY2015 fo r the second year in a row We are proud that in FY2015 Seagate remained on a sustainable path • Ensuring our employees have a safe work environment, are treated with dignity and provided opportunities for professional development continued to be priorities in FY2015 A num ber of audits ,

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