Ghoul and Ghast (Template)

Ghoul and Ghast (Template)

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The creature’s hair grows long and Ghoul and Ghast (Template) as required for the template. Other creatures killed by ghouls do not arise as ghouls.

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T here are some universal percepts, the philosophers say, that apply to every culture of sentient beings. Among these is a prohibition against cannibalism. To consume one’s own kind goes against the natural order and is a desecration that shocks the conscience of both gods and men. Such degeneracy can call down a foul curse that clings to the cannibal’s soul, preventing it from passing on to an afterlife upon its death. Instead, it is condemnedto an unlife in which its corruption is reflected in body and mind as it rises as a ghoul. Ghouls are undead abominations. Their bodies are physically intact, but their skin is discolored, showing signs of decay and a hint of putrescence. The fingers curl into unnatural hunting claws and the touch of its flesh is sufficient to paralyze a mortal in dread for its soul. The creature’s hair grows long and Ghoul and Ghast (Template) “Ghoul” is a template that can be added to any sentient creature with an organic body and a soul who was killed by a ghoul and affected by its Create Spawn ability, or who ate the f lesh of creatures of its type in life and recently died (referred to hereafter as the “base crea- ture”). In most cam- paigns, this will include any dragon, giant, humanoid, monstrous humanoid, or shapechanger.Fey, elementals, and other such creatures depend on the campaign’s cosmology; creatures that are a type of spirit are not subject to undead raising as a ghoul. The creature’s type changes to “undead.” It uses all the creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below. Size:As base creature Hit Dice: Change to d12, and adjust hit points bonus for ability score modif ications. Initiative: As base creature Speed: As base creature AC: The ghoul has +2 natural armor or the creature’s natural armor, whichever is better, though it loses any manufactured armor bonuses. Attacks: The ghoul retains any natural attacks, and gains 2 natural claw attacks and a bite attack if it doesn’t already have

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