GEORGIA COMPOSITE MEDICAL BOARD MINUTES August 4-5, 2011 The Georgia Composite ...

GEORGIA COMPOSITE MEDICAL BOARD MINUTES August 4-5, 2011 The Georgia Composite ...

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GEORGIA COMPOSITE MEDICAL BOARD MINUTES August 4-5, 2011 The Georgia Composite ... free download

GEORGIA COMPOSITE MEDICAL BOARD MINUTES August 45, 2011 The Georgia Composite Medical Board (GCMB) held its regular meeting on August 4 and 5, 2011, at 2 Peachtree Street, NW, 36 th Floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30303, to consider Medical Board matters Board Members in attendance on Thursday, August 4, 2011, were: Charles White, DO, Chairperson William Butler, MD, Vice Chairperson John S Antalis, MD Eddie R Cheeks MD Alice House, MD Kathy Kemle, PA, ExOfficio Board Member Kathy Kinlaw, Consumer Member Rhonda Kunes, Consumer Member Marion O’Neil Lee, MD John T Perry, MD William S Sightler, DO Roland S Summers, MD Jean Rawlings Sumner, MD Richard Weil, MD Board members absent on Thursday, June 30, 2011 were: Alexander S Gross, MD David W Retterbush, MD Representatives from the Attorney General’s Office: Janet Wray, Senior Assistant Attorney General Wylencia Hood Monroe, Assistant Attorney General Amelia Baker, Assistant Attorney General Tricia Downing, Assistant Attorney General Dr White called the meeting to order at 8:02 am AGENDA Ms Kunes a motion, seconded by Dr Summers, to approve the agenda of the August 45, 2011 GCMB meeting The motion carried unanimously MINUTES Ms Kunes made a motion, seconded by Dr Summers, to approve the minutes of the June 30, 2011 Board meeting The motion carried unanimously ADHOC COMMITTEE Dr White announced the formation of an adhoc committee to consider certain personnel matters, and appointed Dr Cheeks, Dr Butler, and Dr Perry to the committee GEORGIA COMPOSITE MEDICAL BOARD MINUTES August 45, 2011 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT LaSharn Hughes, Executive Director, presented the following report to the Board: 1 Dr Weil was honored by Atlanta Magazine as a “top doc” in pediatrics for the fourth consecutive year 2 GCMB Senior Agent Lemuel Roberts has announced his retirement effective September 30, 2011 3 The Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget has requested all executive branch agencies to submit plans by September 1, 2011 for a budget reduction of 20 percent in both Amended Fiscal Year 2012 and Fiscal Year 2013 4 The Board is making progress toward finalizing and releasing a document soliciting proposals for a Professional Health Plan 5 The Georgia Pharmacy Board is developing rules regarding pseudoepenephrine and pharmacy tech rules The PMP Rules have been delayed until these rules have been adopted 6 Board members have expressed an interest in exploring the issues surrounding the use of the title “Doctor” by registered nurses with a PhD degree or a doctor of nursing degree, and whether or not such use of the title could inadvertently confuse patients into believing the individual is a physician 7 The GCMB Board room’s renovation and expansion is tentatively expected to be undertaken by September 1, 2011 8 Department of Community Health Commissioner David Cook has indicated that DCH is willing to discuss the issue of allowing physicians sanctioned by the Board to participate as Medicaid providers DCH has historically disallowed such physicians from Medicaid participation 9 The Federation of State Medical Boards has published its 2011 Annual Report, and copies have been distributed to the GCMB members 10 The Board was advised of the status of the items that are in the Rules Committee 11 The dates

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GEORGIA COMPOSITE MEDICAL BOARD MINUTES August 4-5, 2011 The Georgia Composite ... related documents

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