GDB Cheat Sheet - Marc's Realm

GDB Cheat Sheet - Marc's Realm

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Running # gdb <program> [core dump] Start GDB (with optional core dump). # gdb --args <program> <args…> Start GDB and pass arguments # gdb --pid <pid>

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Running # gdb [core dump] Start GDB (with optional core dump). # gdb --args Start GDB and pass arguments # gdb --pid Start GDB and attach to process. set args Set arguments to pass to program to be debugged. run Run the program to be debugged. kill Kill the running program. Breakpoints break Set a new breakpoint. delete Remove a breakpoint. clear Delete all breakpoints. enable Enable a disabled breakpoint. disable Disable a breakpoint. Watchpoints watch Set a new watchpoint. delete/enable/disable Like breakpoints. function_name Break/watch the named function. line_number Break/watch the line number in the cur - rent source ?le. file:line_number Break/watch the line number in the named source ?le. Conditions break/watch if Break/watch at the given location if the condition is met. Conditions may be almost any C ex - pression that evaluate to true or false. condition Set/change the condition of an existing break- or watchpoint. Examining the stack backtrace where Show call stack. backtrace full where full Show call stack, also print the local va - riables in each frame. frame Select the stack frame to operate on. Stepping step Go to next instruction (source line), di - ving into function. next Go to next instruction (source line) but donʻt dive into functions. finish Continue until the current function re - turns. continue Continue normal execution. Variables and memory print /format Print content of variable/memory locati - on/register. display /format Like ?print?, but print the information after each stepping instruction. undisplay Remove the ?display? with the given number. enable display disable display En- or disable the ?display? with the gi - ven number. x/nfu
Print memory. n: How many units to print (default 1). f: Format character (like ?print?). u: Unit. Unit is one of: b: Byte, h: Half-word (two bytes) w: Word (four bytes) g: Giant word (eight bytes)). GDB cheatsheet - page 1 ? 2007 Marc Haisenko < [email protected] > Format a Pointer. c Read as integer, print as character. d Integer, signed decimal. f Floating point number. o Integer, print as octal. s Try to treat as C string. t Integer, print as binary ( t = ?two?). u Integer, unsigned decimal. x Integer, print as hexadecimal. expression Almost any C expression, including function calls (must be pre?xed with a cast to tell GDB the return value type). file_name :: variable_name Content of the variable de?ned in the named ?le (static variables). function :: variable_name Content of the variable de?ned

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