(FSAC) Guide 2018

(FSAC) Guide 2018

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You've reached the Fast Stream Assessment Centre (FSAC). This guide tells you what to expect there and what happens afterwards. What is FSAC? FSAC is You will attend FSAC either in Newcastle or London. Who are . buyers. However, the growth in their usage has proved disappointing, mainly.

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1 Fast Stream Assessment Centre (FSAC) Guide 2018 In this guide: What is FSAC? 2!Who are the assessors? 2!What will be assessed? 3!1 Strategic approach to objectives 3!Seeing the big picture 3!Changing and improving 3!2 Analysis and decision making 3!Making effective decisions 3!Delivering value for money 3!3!Building productive relationships and learning agility 4!Collaborating and partnering 4!Building capability for all 4!4!Leading and communicating 4!Approaching the FSAC ? a Fast Streamer?s view 5!FSAC a taste of life as a Fast Streamer 5!The Group Exercise 6!The Analysis Exercise 9!The Leadership Exercise 12!How can I prepare? 13!Before you arrive 13!Attending the FSAC 14!Candidate Expenses Policy 14!Travel information London 16!Travel information Newcastle 18!While at FSAC 20!What happens after FSAC? 21!Generalist, HR, Finance and Commercial and Fast Streams 21! 2 Congratulations! You?ve reached the Fast Stream Assessment Centre (FSAC) This guide tells you what to expect there and what happens afterwards What is FSAC? FSAC is a halfday assessment centre that selects graduates with the calibre and potential to join the Fast Stream Research shows that assessment centres make more accurate predictions about how you will perform at work than other recruitment methods Fast Stream standards are high and to have reached the assessment centre is a significant achievement You now have the chance to show that you have the skills and personal qualities to be a successful Fast Streamer Our aim is to measure each candidate?s skills, aptitudes and abilities against set criteria You will complete a variety of exercises, including a group exercise, in which you?ll be working with fellow candidates from a wide range of backgrounds You will attend FSAC either in Newcastle or London Who are the assessors? ?The Fast Stream selection process is award winning and we pride ourselves on ensuring fairness throughout Our aim as assessors is for you to have a highly positive candidate experience and the opportunity to perform at your very best" Phil Wilson, Chief Assessor Each group of candidates will be seen by specially trained assessors These are mainly experienced civil servants There will also be occupational psychologists, with experience in assessing candidates for employment, and some recently retired civil servants A trainee assessor, senior assessor or a visitor might accompany the assessors to observe this process but will take no part in your assessment If you are uncomfortable about the trainee or visitor sitting in on your group or leadership exercise, please feel free to say so ? this will not affect your assessment in any way However, most candidates don?t mind an extra observer in the room 3 What will be assessed? Fair and open recruitment is important to us We will assess you solely on your performance in the exercises The assessors will have no information about you except your name They will not have seen your application form or your scores from earlier stages in the selection process They will not know which university you attended or are attending Nor will they know whether you have applied before Also, the Civil Service is committed to equal opportunities, so your socioeconomic or ethnic background, gender, disability, appearance, age, sexual orientation, accent, political views, religion, personal beliefs or previous employment play no part in our final decision We want you to feel free to express your point of view throughout the assessment You will be assessed against the following competencies, grouped into 4 areas: 1 Strategic approach to

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