From Common Core to Iowa Core Webcast Transcript

From Common Core to Iowa Core Webcast Transcript

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Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) developed the Common Core State Standards. These English-language arts and mathematics 

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From Common  Core  to  Iowa  Core  Webcast  Transcript     Slide  1   My  name  is Rita  Martens  and  I  am  the  Department  of  Education’s  lead  consultant  for  the  Iowa  Core  In  this  presentation   I  will  describe  the  process  that  the  Department  went  through  in  integrating  the  National  Common  Core  State  Standards   into  the  Iowa  Core  This  is  the  first  of  a  series  of  planned  webcasts  orienting  teachers  and administrators  to  the  new   Iowa  Core  in  literacy  and  mathematics        Slide  2   As  you  probably  already  know, the  National  Governors  Association  Center for  Best  Practices  (NGA Center)  and  the   Council  of  Chief  State School  Officers  (CCSSO)  developed  the Common  Core  State  Standards  These  English ‐language  arts  and  mathematics  standards  for  grades  K ‐12  were  developed  in collaboration  with  a  variety  of  stakeholders  including   content  experts,  states,  teachers,  school  administrators  and  parents  The  standards  establish  clear  and  consistent  goals   for  learning  that  will  prepare  America’s  children  for  success  in  college  and work     The  standards  are  informed  by  the  highest,  most  effective  models  from  states  across  the country  and countries  around   the  world,  and  provide  teachers  and parents  with  a  common  understanding  of  what  students  are  expected  to  learn   Consistent  standards  will  provide  appropriate  benchmarks  for  all  students,  regardless  of  where  they  live       Slide  3   These  standards  define  the  knowledge  and  skills  students  should  have  within  their  K‐12  education  careers so  they  will   graduate  high  school  able  to  succeed  in  entry‐level,  credit ‐bearing  academic  college  courses and  in  workforce  training   programs  The  standards:   • Are  aligned  with  college  and  work  expectations;   • Are  clear,  understandable  and  consistent;   • Include  rigorous  content  and  application  of  knowledge  through  high ‐order  skills;  • Build  upon  strengths  and  lessons  of  current  state  standards;  Are  informed  by  other  top  performing  countries,  so   that  all  students  are  prepared  to  succeed  in  our  global  economy  and  society;  and   • Are  evidence ‐based      Slide  4   Although  there  were  some  significant  differences  between  the  Iowa  Core  and  the  Common  Core  –  grade  level   expectations  vs  grade  span  expectations,  for  example,  –  there  was  one  important  similarity:  neither  is  a  curriculum,  but   rather  a set  of  shared  goals  and  expectations  for  knowledge  and  skills  to  help  students  succeed       Slide 5   As  a  member  of  the  Council  of  Chief  State  School  Officers,  our  former  director  Judy  Jeffrey  signed  on  to  the  Common   Core  effort,  indicated  Iowa’s  support  for  developing  a common  set  of  standards  that  all  states  would  use to  ensure  the   post ‐secondary  success of  their  students  Director Jeffrey,  along with  many  others,  saw  these  Common  Core  State   Standards  as  a critical  step  in  advancing  nationwide  educational  reform     This  effort  began  in 2008  and  throughout  the  process,  Iowa Department  of  Education  leadership had  the  opportunity  to   review  drafts and  offer  suggestions  for  improvement  In  December  2009,  Common  Core  writers  came  to  Iowa  to  meet   with  the  DE  to  review  the Iowa  Core  in  literacy  and  math  and  to  share  the  work  on  the  Common  Core     During  the  spring  of  2010  the  Iowa  State  Board  of  Education  began  studying  these  standards  with  an  eye  toward  their   possible  adoption      Acting  director  Kevin  Fangman  also  commissioned  an  alignment  study  between  the  Iowa  Core  essential  concepts  and   skills  in  literacy  and  mathematics  and  the  Common  Core  standards        Slide  6   This  study,  supported  by  Brad  Niebling,  who  is  an  Iowa  expert  in  curriculum  alignment,  was  done  by  teams  of  Iowa   literacy  and mathematics  experts  The  comparison  provided  the  answers  to  three  critical  questions:   • What  was  the  degree  of  alignment  between  the  Iowa  Core  and  the  Common  Core?   • What  portions  of  the  Common  Core  were  not  included  in  the  Iowa  Core?   • What  parts  of  the  Iowa  Core  were  not  included  in  the  Common  Core”        Slide  7   The  study  found  that

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