Frequently Asked Questions about SurgeMail

Frequently Asked Questions about SurgeMail

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How will this affect my email since I am an employee and student? check their e-mail frequently to stay aware of College-related communications.

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1 The Upanishads for Awakening Abbot George Burke Swami Nirmalananda Giri 2 ? Copyright 2012 by Light of the Spirit Monaster y 3 Preface The upanishads The sacred scriptures of India are vast. Their impor tance is ranked dif ferently according to the par ticular viewpoint of the individual. In Indian philosophy there are six darshanas , or systems of philosophy. They often seem to contradict themselves (and their professed adherents usually do contradict those of the other darshanas), but the wise know that they are only dif ferent ways of seeing the same thing, and it is that One Thing which makes them both valid and ultimately harmonious. That unifying subject is Brahman: God the Absolute, beyond and besides Whom there is no ?other? whatsoever. Yet, according to dif ferences in outlook, there is dif ference in evaluation of the scriptures. However, all followers of dharma in India agree that the Vedas are the supreme authority, and the Vedas are always understood to include those treatises of mystical and speculative philosophy known as the upanishads. They are also known as the Vedanta, ?the end of the Vedas,? because they are the philosophical and spiritual culmination of the Vedic scriptures, and Veda literally means

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