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encouraged her to audition for Kitchen Circus. A home chef taught by her mother. enchanted diners with his French influenced Northwest cuisine for 25 years with his


1 FOR RELEASE ON OCTOBER 1 , 2012 KITCHEN CIRCUS – CONTESTANTS ANNOUNCED , DINNER RESERVATIONS OPEN Release Date: Press and social media are free to publicize and comment on this release on October 1, 2012 Announcement: Last week, w e conducted live auditions of 18 talented home cook candidates We are thrilled to announce the selection of the top 9 who will compete as contestants at Kitchen Circus dinners in November , 2012 at Rover’s restaurant in Seattle Dinner #1 – November 6, 2012 , 6pm  Beth Rutherford – Works at a specialty food business Her friends who love her cooking encouraged her t o audition for Kitchen Circus A home chef taught by her mother She’s “spent more tears on onions than she ever has on boyfriends , husbands or anything else”  Siiri Sampson – A marketing project manager and food blogger Her inspiration is to help people break down barriers about food and try things they might otherwise avoid She’s eaten and cooked all over the world on personal travels which influences her unique perspective as a home cook  Angel Azcarraga – A software engineer who reverse engineers amaz ing dining experiences for his friends at home Originally from Miami with parents from Cuba, he grew up eating fresh homemade Cuban food He sees cooking for 45 people on Kitchen Circus as the ultimate dinner party Dinner #2 – November 13, 2012 , 6pm  Atina Tan – Grew up on a farm in Yakima, also lived in NYC for 10 years, literally eating from farm to table She is a self proclaimed “food geek” that loves to alter recipes to suit her taste  Myrissa Yamashiro – A personal trainer and gym owner She call s herself a “food tourist” because she loves to travel and discover different food cultures both at a local farm ers markets and around the world  Chris Cvet kovich – A 3D Artist and Animator who is self taught in modernist cu isine Chris owns a sous vide ap pliance and centrifuge to concoct delicacies in his kitchen He feels his success at home working with unconventional foods and techniques is what will make him win Dinner #3 – November 20, 2012 , 6pm  Erina Malarkey – A marketing director for a real estate company, but also a local food writer and blogger :er approach to cooking is “attainable gourmet;” to create great food with great ingredients and great people, and then just get out of the way 2  Peter Houston – A software product pla nner who is the ultimate food lover + food creator + engineer :e uses his ‘process oriented’ mind to plan out the meal ahead of time and work with a team to get everyone’s food on the table effortlessly  Chr istine Willmsen – An investigative reporter for a Seattle newsp aper, and food blogger Christine believes food is one of the most creative expressions of who we are as a people, a culture and a community Finale Dinner – December 4, 2012 , 6pm  Winner of dinners #1, #2, #3 (TBD) How to get Reservations to a Kitchen Ci rcus Dinner: General a vailability for reservations open s on October 3 , 2012 for all of the Kitchen Circus dinners The cos t is $75 per person, including wine pairings Payment in advance with Credit card There are a few requirements:  All people in party m ust be over 21 years old  All courses come as is, no substitutions, no vegetarian alternatives  All attendees will need to sign a release to be included in video production Call Rover’s at: 206 325 7442 Win Tickets to

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1 In the Footsteps of Giants My Itinerary from Glasgow to Princeton

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barefoot and were therefore considered unsuitable playmates for her. My mother . of triumph, encouragement or disapproval from the huge combative crowds, then made A stranger in a new land, I had been immediately made.

TVC Catalog updated 1-30

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• Cartoni/Sachtler Head & tripod • Sony PVM-8045Q Color Monitor • AC-550 Power Supply mini DV cameras Sony DSR-50 VTR PVM 411 b/w quad monitor

helpingchurcheshelppe ople 2 0 1 6 annualreport

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In 2016, once again, the people of God demonstrated their love for Jesus Christmas Gifts. • Cleaning Assistance. • Companionship. • Financial Assistance. • Encouragement. • Grocery Shopping. • Laundry Assistance . the course of several years, and folks from the churches were there for

JDBU Vol 38 No 1 - 1947(1).pdf

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souvenir more than this evidence of how much these homely folk appreci ated a little .. clear these three "Hooligans" deftly threw the dummy over the.

1. Academic Integrity IQ Quiz

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This quiz will test your Academic Integrity IQ, and help familiarize you with the . and most students feel unprepared before they take a physics exam A few scientists (including Cornell's Paul McEuen) eventually noticed that the 

7.The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Organizational Performance

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Guinness Nigeria Plc and the fact that there is no clear single set of outcome on how specific HR practices impact on performance, the case study method

University of Oxford Helps Researchers Unlock Big Data for Medical Breakthroughs

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For research experts at the University of Oxford, the quicker they database solution in terms of data mining capabilities and analytics Actian Vector is ideal for BI, reporting and analysis because it accelerates time to insight.

A study on components of internal control - based administrative system in secondary schools

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teachers. A package program was applied to analyze collected data for mean, and standard deviation. Evaluation of the goodness of fit of the CFA Model was done by Chi-square, CFI, TLI, RMSEA basing on the Thailand National Basic Education criterion, and 2) satisfaction of related people in the.

Information Technologies for the Control of Money Laundering

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he key to control of international crime may depend on cutting off the flow of illegal profits to criminal organizations. It is esti- mated that $300 billion of “dirty money” may be laundered each year, its origin and ownership obscured as it passes through fi- nancial institutions and across n


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SCHOOL OF GAS MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY Bermea worked as an IT field specialist for two years and spent three years as a wireless communications engineer.