For Healthcare Professionals

For Healthcare Professionals

116 Pages · 2014 · 1.21 MB · English

Targeted at maternal/child-care nurses, healthcare security administrators, law-enforcement officials, public-relations officers, and parents. Recommends actions to

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System Framework for Cardiovascular Disease Prediction Based on Big Data Technology

10 Pages · 2017 · 3.12 MB · English

The framework was composed of data, speed, analysis, and service layers, all stored on distributed storage devices. Finally, we proposed a framework for a cardiovascular disease prediction system based on lambda architecture to solve the problems associated with the real-time analyses of big data.

The New Doctrinalism: Implications for Evidence Theory

23 Pages · 2015 · 165 KB · English

These accounts include Louis Kaplow's theory of the burden of proof, Daniel. Kahneman INTRODUCTION. Throughout . substantive entitlements and liabilities and how they limit normative claims with respect to probability corresponds to the quantum and variety of the evidence that confirms the 

CFO insights: Social analytics: Tapping prediction markets for

4 Pages · 2010 · 80 KB · English

CFO insights: Social analytics: Tapping prediction markets for foresight In the coming year, CFOs can be expected to hear a lot about the value of analytics – to

E cient Bandit Algorithms for Online Multiclass Prediction

8 Pages · 2008 · 558 KB · English

E cient Bandit Algorithms for Online Multiclass Prediction Sham M. Kakade [email protected] Shai Shalev-Shwartz [email protected] Ambuj Tewari [email protected]

Optimal Base Wavelet Selection for ECG Noise Reduction Using

17 Pages · 2015 · 837 KB · English

Optimal Base Wavelet Selection for ECG Noise Reduction Using a Comprehensive Entropy Criterion. Hong He, Yonghong Tan * and Yuexia Wang. Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Information, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,. Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai 200234, 

Application for Exemption from Property Taxation

5 Pages · 2013 · 205 KB · English

For this property tax exemption application, I authorize the Department of Revenue (DOR) or its representative(s) to visit and inspect the property to be exempted now and in the future, to ensure the property is being used for tax- exempt purposes. I hereby certify that the statements and informati

Trick-or-Treating for Sex Offenders

2 Pages · 2011 · 82 KB · English

Halloween candy!” I haven't. Often we worry about things that are highly unlikely, particularly when it involves our safety. And we do the most worrying 

For Series: User Manual U1 - HCL ME TABLET

25 Pages · 2012 · 2.01 MB · English

ME U1 tablet A USB Internet Dongle (from among the list of compatible USB dongles provided in below) Step by step procedure to connect to Internet on

Basis Selection for Wavelet Regression

7 Pages · 2012 · 1.26 MB · English

A wavelet basis selection procedure is presented for wavelet re- gression. Both the basis and threshold are selected using cross- validation. The method includes the capability of incorporating prior knowledge on the smoothness (or shape of the basis functions) into the basis selection procedure.