Food allergies and advisory labelling

Food allergies and advisory labelling

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Ig. Immunoglobulins. ILSI. International Life Science Institute (Int) and chemistry - Allergy and. Environment Laboratory, Paris; member of the Biotechnology Scientific Panel until August .. possible not only to improve the quality of life of food allergy sufferers but also to progress in terms of

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Food allergies and advisory labelling November 2008 Scientific and editorial coordination: Sébastien La Vieille 2 List of abbreviations ANIA French Food Industries' Association ASPCC ‘Sugar and sweet products association, communication, consumption’ survey CCA Codex Alimentarius Commission CICBAA Circle of Clinical and Biol ogical Investigations in Food Allergy (F) CREDOC Research Centre for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (F) EAST Enzyme Allergo Sorbent Test EC European Community EFSA European Food Safety Authority ELISA EnzymeLinked Immunosorbent Assay EU European Union FAO Food and Agriculture Organization FARRP Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (US) FDA Food and Drug Administration (US) FPI Food (processing) industry FSA Food Standards Agency (UK) Ig Immunoglobulins ILSI International Life Science Institute (Int) INCA Individual and national su rvey on food consumption (F) INSEE French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (F) kDa kiloDalton LTP Lipid Transfer Protein NOAEL No Observable Adverse Effect Level PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction PIR Protein Information Resource (US) RAST Radioallergosorbent Test RTPCR Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction TPODA Double blind placebo controlled food challenge (DBPCFC) UH University Hospital (F) WG Afssa working group WHO World Health Organization 3 Working group members and operating method Working group members Chairperson: Ms Gisèle Kanny (Nancy UH, Department of internal medicine – Allergology and clinical immunology; member of the Additives, Flavourings and Processing Aids Scientific Panel until August 2006 ) Members of the working group: Mr Hervé Bernard (French National Institute for Agricultural Research, GifsurYvette) Mr Claude Demeulemester (Ifip – Institute for Research on Pigs, Alfort Veterinary School, MaisonsAlfort) Ms DeniseAnne MoneretVautrin (Nancy UH, Depar tment of internal medicine – Allergology and clinical immunology; member of the Human Nutrition Scientific Panel until August 2006 ) Ms Caroline Morice (French Association for MultiAllergies) Mr Gabriel Peltre (School for further studies in industrial physics and chemistry Allergy and Environment Laboratory, Paris; member of the Biotechnology Scientific Panel until August 2006) Ms Fabienne Rancé (Children’s Hospital, Allergology – pneumology, Toulouse) Representative of the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control: Ms Dominique Baelde French Food Safety Agency (Direction of risk assessment for nutrition and food safety): Mr Sébastien La Vieille Ms Céline Le Stunff Mr JeanLuc Volatier Firms and association consul ted by the working group Danone, Paris Nestlé, Marne la Vallée Le Planézard, Aurillac Picard, Fontainebleau French Association of Food Industries (Ania), Paris Report reviewers Ms Michèle Garabedian, SaintVincentdePaul Hospital, Paris Mr JeanPhilippe Girardet, Trousseau Hospital, Paris 4 Organisation of the group’s work Chap 1 Definitions and terminology C Le Stunff S La Vieille Response to Q1 of the request Chap 2 Amounts of allergens and how often they are unintentionally present in food S La Vieille from interviews with food industries Response to Q2 of the request Chap 3 Proportion of food allergy sufferers for whom the accidental presence of allergens poses a reaction risk G Kanny DA MoneretVautrin JL Volatier Chap 4 dose/response relationships F Rancé DA MoneretVautrin Chap 5 Methods for detecting and quantifying allergens in foods H Bernard C

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