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c. Nature Coast Soccer club requesting to change code from C6CSC to C6NCS, approved; Motion by Becky McLaren, i. FYSA Premier State League a.


Approved Minutes Executive Committee Meeting Saturday, May 12, 2012 Lake Myrt le Complex Auburndale, Florida Page 1 of 4 The Florida Youth Soccer Association (“FYSA”) Executive Committee (“EC”) meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. Meeting Called to order by Marino Torrens at 9:00 AM Roll Call: All members of the Executive Committee (EC) were present except Sandy Parke r (proxy to Becky McLaren) and Patty Wilson (proxy to Tommy Thompson) Guests: Cody McGhee, FYSA Program Specialist; Dale Burke, FYSA ED ; Bob Rollins, The Beacon Group and FYSA Insurance Consultant ; Guy King, ME Wilson, Carmen Massey, FYSA Financial Speci alist, Josef Michna, FYSA SYRA Agenda adopted as amended A. Approve Previous Minutes – M inutes of the January 28 th EC meeting were approved ; Minutes from Confere nce Calls on April 3, and 17 were approved. Moti on made by Rhonda Link -Cummings , second by Diana Robertson . B. Correspondence – ME Wilson insurance review ; Working together with University of Miami about head injuries and having a workshop at the AGM regarding symptoms and signs of concussions C. Executive Session : D. Unfinished Business – None E. EC Memb er Reports a. President: - i. Jo sef Michna chosen to continue as SYRA w/President of Adults , retroactive to January 2012 approval. Motion made by Tommy Thompson, second by Rhonda Link -Cummings b. Secretary: - i. Employee Handbook voted on 24 th, only Dia na Robertson requested adjustment ii. Mike Strickler contract c. Treasurer: - i. 2012 -2013 Budget ; no response from the VP of Competition , Changes made to budget ii. Bank Proposal – April 27 th reviewed bank proposals, recommend BB&T. Motion made by Diana

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News for residents of South Staffordshire Housing Association

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South AUTUMN Staffordshire Housing Association 2007 News for residents of South Staffordshire Housing Association Tapping into the sun’s energy Quinton Fun Day

Michigan Nature Association Spring 2013 Protecting Michigan’s

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Michigan Nature Association Protecting Michigan’s natural heritage since 1952 Spring 2013 Events & Activities Guide Sanctuary Tours Volunteer Opportunities Special

MMA - Welcome to Mississippi Manufacturers Association Web Site

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Business energy program ..2 Upcoming events ..3 Legislative New Shore Development, LLC, Gulfport, property development Roger’s Insurance, Gulfport

Ethiopia Atlas of Youth Reproductive Health

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This report summarises findings on youth reproductive health from the 2011 Ethiopia Demographic and Health The testing of the blood samples for HIV status was handled by the Ethiopia Health young women and 8% of never-married young men reported having had sexual intercourse in the past 

Changes in conformational dynamics of basic side chains upon protein–DNA association

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small changes in conformational entropy. These data illustrate different dynamic characteristics of the in- zinc-finger (ZF) technology for artificial gene editing and regulation (25–27). In this work, we 13C resonances were assigned using 3D HCCH-TOCSY,. HCCH-COSY, H(CCO)NH and C(CO)NH 

Legal Aid Association of California - 2009 Support Center Directory

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Registration is free for IOLTA legal services programs, PIC also staffs the Legal Aid Association of California, a membership organization of legal aid


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According to the National Panhellenic Conference, men may not participate in Fall Formal Recruitment and any Bid Day activities. This includes all events

Rain Garden - Charles River Watershed Association

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Charles River Watershed Association. Low Impact Best Management Practice (BMP) Information Sheet www.charlesriver.org. September 2008. RECOMMENDED PLANTS FOR NEW ENGLAND

Youth Internet Safety Task Force - Office of Attorney General Bob

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Youth Internet Safety Task Force Compilation of Current Research approximately one-quarter of the privacy policies surveyed addressed the four fair information

Kemptville District Minor Hockey Association

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Kemptville District Minor Hockey Association Request for Tender Date of Tender: August 27, 2013 Overview The Kemptville District Minor Hockey Association (KDMHA) is