File Names and File Extensions - Coastal Computers & Networks

File Names and File Extensions - Coastal Computers & Networks

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This list Associates a file name extension with a particular program The Association can be changed (but really need not be changed unless you have

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File Names and File Extensions What are they? Why are they? Working with them….. Examples: A File Extension is a just a type of Suffix History: Original DOS / Windows used filenames in a format called “8.3” or “8 DOT 3” which have up to 8 characters, a period and 3 more characters like tomsboat.txt. Now, Long File Names are allowed in Windows like Toms Boat.txt But the DOT 3 or .xxx part, or the Extension, remains – it can also be .xxxx with four characters, like .jpeg What are the extensions used for? 1) If you look at a list of files – as in a Directory or Folder (same thing) it helps you know what kind of file each one is. 2) It helps you find files that are similar or to limit file searches to a particular type. 3) It directs the computer’s actions. .bmp something.bmp image file (windows) .doc something.doc Word document .exe something.exe executable program/application .gif something.gif image file .jpg something.jpg or jpeg image file .mdb something.mdb Access database .pdf something.pdf Adobe Acrobat file .ppt something.ppt Powerpoint document .rtf something.rtf rich text file .txt something.txt text document .wav something.wav sound file .xls something.xls Excel document .zip ZIP compressed file (need WinZip or …. What computer actions does the File Extension determine? Start an application or a program directly: Double click on an .exe file name in a directory. If it’s a .exe file, then the computer knows to Execute the file – that is, start running the program that’s in that file. Click on Start / Run Type the file name in the box – even without the extension it will start the program with that file

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