Feb 27, 2005 URBAN LEGENDS Have you heard the one where

Feb 27, 2005 URBAN LEGENDS Have you heard the one where

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Legend (1998) and Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000), and websites like Urban Legends And Folklore and the Urban Legends Reference Pages ( www.snopes.com ).

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Have you heard the one where Name game Marry him, Fann Search STI Feb 27, 2005 Sun STI Home > Lif estyle > Others > Story Feb 27, 2005 URBAN LEGENDS Have you heard the one where Urban legends, true or fal se, reveal our unspoken hopes, fears and concerns By Sandra Leong PSST! Did you hear the story about the taxi driver who picked up a mother and child along Upper Thomson Road, only to have them disappear from the back seat midway through the journey ? Or the one where a leading fast food chain here accidentally served fried rat instead of fried chicken ? Well, it happened to a friend of a friend of a friend, and so it must be true If you've made similar claims bef ore, chances are that you've played a part in propagating an urban legend An urban what ? Website Urban Legends And Folklore (urbanlegendsaboutcom ) def ines urban legends as 'popular stories alleged to be true and transmitted from person to person via oral or written communication' They typically comprise 'outlandish, humiliating, humorous, terrif ying, or supernatural events' that almost always happened to someone else While most are fabricated tales, others preserve elements of truth that survive numerous retellings across dif ferent cultures All are, nonetheless, fascinating, and have been the subjects of campf ire sittings, movies like Urban Legend (1998) and Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000), and websites like Urban Legends And Folklore and the Urban Legends Ref erence Pages ( wwwsnopescom ) But apart from making good storytelling fodder, do urban legends serve a larger, sociological purpose ? Mr David Emery, a former journalist and founder of the Urban Legends And Folklore website, tells Lif eStyle via email that 'urban legends do tend to reveal a certain kind of truth when you think about them, namely our unspoken hopes, fears and concerns' 'By studying the stories we tell, we come to know ourselves a little better,' he says NewsRadio 938 FM psychologist Mel Gill, who was also the voice of reason on Channel 5's recent paranormal scare fest Incredible Tales, notes that many urban legends which prey on the human fear of the unknown are really tales invented to keep people within accepted behavioural norms The pontianak, for example, is a folkloric Malay woman who dies in childbirth or from being abused by a man and returns as an undead creature 'Mothers invent these things,' says Dr Gill, who will be releasing a book discussing the science behind paranormal phenomena in June 'What it is, really, is a cautionary measure to prevent men from abusing women' SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON: Two sci enti sts consul ted had di fferi ng opi ni ons about the ori gi ns of thi s strange creature Gotcha! MANY of these age old lores have been revived by the Internet as email, chatrooms and forums make the rapid dissemination of ghost sightings, freakish discoveries and inexplicable events easier Granted, many of them, especially those bearing wild claims and faux photos, are products of virtual hucksters who get a kick out of hoodwinking the masses These are especially common af ter large scale disasters like the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and last year's Dec 26 Indian Ocean tsunami Dr Gill says: 'People try to create laughter as a way of dealing with the stress and nervousness of the situation' So, why do people buy urban legends ? Associate Prof essor Kwok Kian Woon, head of the division of sociology at Nanyang Technological University's School of Humanities and Social Sciences, has this explanation: 'Much of lif e in the contemporary world is organised along very rational lines of science and bureaucracy Hence, elements of the uncanny and extraordinary may hold some fascination for some people' As XFiles character Fox Mulder would put it, we want to believe Even in 21 st century Singapore, people are 'primed to believe in things like ghosts', says Dr Gill 'When our boys go to Tekong, they are faced with so many legends of dead soldiers haunting boys Not

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