Family Album - Oregon Country Fair

Family Album - Oregon Country Fair

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norma “mainspring” sax Send listing with $5 to O.C.F.-F.F.N. 442 Lawrence St. Eugene, OR 97401. without the roving disco.

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Vo l u m e 17, I s s u e 10m a r c h 2010 Return of the Green Man Family Album What’s Inside Elder berries and New Growth p2 Creative Commerce p3 Family News and Views p4 And More p5 Many Minutes p612 2 Alice Ferguson Security Andy Strickland Caretaker Auntie Em Quartermaster Bob Nisbet Main Camp Security Candace Goodrich Registration Chad Anderson Office Town Chad Miebach Lot Crew Chris Roop Traffic Cindy Pack Fire Coriene Aubuchon Pre/post Security David Anderson Lot Crew Dorna Baumann Peach Pit Elaine Walters Lot Crew Greg Kaylor Recycling Hank Carver Dog Control Hilary Acton Recycling Howard McCartney VegManEcs Jack Makarchek Construction Jeanette Hardison Community Village Jennifer Osterhout PrePost Security Jerry Shawl Pizza Company Booth Jill Liberty Childcare Jim Newhall Construction John Morrell Main Camp Jon Dowd PrePost Security Joseph Newton Fair Family News Juanita Kirkham Lot Crew June Sederbaum Registration Karl Welch Lot Crew Keven Dow Booth #465 Kimberly Gladen Community Village Kirk Shultz Construction Linda Mooney Traffic Liz Olhsson Information Loretta McNally Quartermaster Lori Abney Water Crew Martin Anderson Media Michael Ottenhausen Fair Family News Michael Sanada Traffic Michael West Water Palmer Parker Fair Central Peggy Whelan Traffic Penny Larsen PrePost Security Pete Barron Lot Crew Rebecca Gandy Quartermaster Sarah Cairo Registration Sharon Greenfield Quartermaster Tim Nakayama Admissions Toby Robinson PrePost Security Tom Noddy Vaudeville Travis Darwin Recycling Zak Schwartz BackUp Manager Some of you may still not be on the lists of your choice, namely, the mailing list that will get you this newsletter every month and/or the membership list so you can vote!!!! So, check some of the following and mail to: OCF, Membership/Mailing, 442 Lawrence Street, Eugene, 97401 [ ] I am not receiving the Fair Family News Please put me on the mailing list [ ] I do not know if I am on the membership list Please verify my name and send me a membership application if I am NOT on the list I am with (Crew or Booth): Crew/Booth #: Crew Leader/Booth Rep: Who can verify my participation: My name: Email address: Mailing address: [ ] This is a new mailing address Get on the FFN and/or Voting Membership List March 25 Elders Committee, 7 pm – 9 pm, OCF office 29 Peach Power meeting, 6 pm, OCF office 30 Registration packets mailed to booth representatives April 3 Booth registration at Eugene Saturday Market, 5 Board of Directors Meeting, 7 pm, EWEB Community Room, Eugene 5 FAIR FAMILY NEWS DEADLINE 10 Booth registration at Eugene Saturday Market, 11 Vision Action work shop, Alice’s Wonderland, time to be announced 13 Land Use Management and Planning, 7 pm, OCF office 14 Craft Committee, 6 pm, OCF office 17 Booth registration at Eugene Saturday Market, 17 Work Party, Elders Camp, 10 am – 2 pm 18 Path planning design charrette, 11 am – 4 pm, Eugene Garden Club, 1645 High Street 18 Highway Pickup, 10 am, Meet at Ware Barn area 22 Elders Committee, 7pm – 9 pm, OCF office 24 Booth registration at Eugene Saturday Market, 2425 Elders Retreat, Alice’s Wonderland, OCF site 25 Council of Elders, 2 pm – 5 pm May 1 SPRING FLING, 7:30 pm, WOW Hall, 8th and Lincoln, Eugene 1 Registration packets due 3 Board of Directors

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