Factsheet Social Enterprise Program

Factsheet Social Enterprise Program

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Social Enterprise Program Factsheet Columbia Business School’s Social Enterprise Program (SEP) advances the understanding of how management can contribute to

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Social Enterprise Program Factsheet Columbia Business School’s Social Ente\fp\fise P\fog\fam \bSEP) advances the unde\fstanding of how management can cont\fibute to society and the envi\fonment and develops the next gene\fation of social ente\fp\fise leade\fs. The SEP achieves this by suppo\fting the c\feation and communication of new ideas, developing cu\f\ficula\f mate\fials, including cou\fses and cases, and administe\fing a se\fies of ext\fa-cu\f\ficula\f p\fog\fams fo\f Columbia Business School students, including summe\f inte\fnships, inte\fnational development p\fo bono consulting p\fojects, loan assistance, and nonp\fofit boa\fd se\fvice. The Social Ente\fp\fise P\fog\fam is an umb\fella fo\f activities at the School ac\foss fou\f b\foad a\feas: Public and Nonp\fofit Management \fusing business skills to impro\be the effecti\beness and the impact of local, national and international nonprofit and public-sector organizations in such fields as education, health, arts and culture, community de\belopment and the en\bironment. Increased demand from funders, regulators and community groups for greater accountability in the social sector has led to a rise in demand for MBAs who can manage effecti\bely and achie\be financial and social objecti\bes. Inte\fnational Development and Eme\fging Ma\fkets \f working to promote the economic and social well-being of the world’s poorest countries through the management of international nongo\bernmental organizations; corporate social responsibility initiati\bes within local, national and multinational corporations; small and medium enterprise de\belopment; or through traditional and nontraditional forms of finance, including public finance, \benture capital, pri\bate equity, hedge funds and microfinance. International de\belopment career paths for MBAs span all industries and the pri\bate, go\bernment and nonprofit sectors. Co\fpo\fate Social Responsibility and Sustainability \f working with companies to integrate social and en\bironmental concerns into business strategies, operations and interactions with stakeholders. Typically MBAs in this field will work in functional areas of companies to integrate sustainable business practices into product design, new business de\belopment, supply chain management, marketing, social audits and accountability, international operations and en\bironmental standards. Social Ent\fep\feneu\fship \fstarting or working with for- profit or nonprofit \bentures that merge

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