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Cycling Articles: Physiology 1 Table of Contents EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY The Methods and Mechanisms Underlying Performance by Stephen Seiler (sections 1 - 12)


Cycling Articles: Physiology Table of Contents 1 EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY The Methods and Mechanisms Underlying Performance by Stephen Seiler (sections 1 - 12) ( http://home.hia.no/~stephens/exphys.htm ) Table of Contents The Endurance Performance Model 3 1) The Heart 5 a) Basic physiology i) More about how the heart adapts to training 8 ii) Maximal oxygen consumption - The VO2max 9 iii) The impact of body dimensions on endurance performance 15 iv) Gender differences in endurance performance & training 17 b) Myocardial Adaptations to Training 27 c) Aging and Cardiovascular Function 31 d) Understanding Heart Rate and Exercise 32 2) Skeletal Muscles a) Basic Skeletal Muscle Physiology 36 b) Training Adaptations in Skeletal Muscle 40 c) Aging Effects on Skeletal Muscle 45 d) Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type 47 i) The muscle biopsy 49 ii) Skeletal muscle fiber type - part 2 50 3) Putting the Pieces Together a) Lactate threshold? 53 b) Efficiency, economy and endurance performance 58 c) Brain - body link and adaptation to training 63 4) Aging, Exercise and Short Term Power 68 5) Principles of Training - Revisited 84 6) The time course of training adaptations 92 Cycling Articles: Physiology Table of Contents 2 7) Understanding interval training 98 8) Elite male distance runners 22 yrs later 111 9) Strength training and endurance performance 118 10) Muscle hypertrophy vs hyperplasia - a review 123 11) Ventilation and endurance performance 134 12) Aerodynamics and Cycling 148 13) Lactate Threshold 154 14) Weight training for cyclists 175 15) Racing Techniques 198 16) Cycling Climbing Tips 204 Cycling Articles: Physiology The Endurance Performance Model 3 THE ENDURANCE PERFORMANCE MODEL Whether you run, row, ski or cycle, the goal is always the same; you are attempting to maximize your ACHIEVED PERFORMANCE VELOCITY. All endurance sports demand some combination of three components: 1) High oxygen transport capacity, 2) High fatigue resistance in working muscles, and 3) High efficiency of transfer of physiological work to mechanical movement. Every endurance athlete brings to the starting line some combination of Performance Power (1 and 2). The third variable, Efficiency of Power Transfer (3) links the engine to the specific movement task. These variables combine to determine Potential Performance Velocity. Finally, on a given race day, performance potential is influenced by psychological factors and the accuracy of pacing. The end product is

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