Executive Intelligence Review, Volume 8, Number 39, October 6, 1981

Executive Intelligence Review, Volume 8, Number 39, October 6, 1981

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Special Report by correspondent Umberto Pascali documents not only the intimate .. Ferrara of the elite New York City corporate law firm. Cravath 

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EIR Executive Intelligence Review Special Reports The sp ecial reports listed below, p re pared by the EIR staff, are now available 1 Prospects for Instability in the Arabian Gulf A comprehensive review of the danger of instabil­ ity in Saudi Arabia in the coming period Includes analysis of the Saudi military forces, and the in­ fluence of leftwing forces, and proKhomeini net­ works in the count ry $250 2 Energy and Economy: Mexico in the Year 2000 A development program for Mexico compiled jointly by Mexican and American scientists Con­ cludes Mexico can grow at12 percent annually for the next decade, creating a $100 billion capital­ goods export market for the United States De­ tailed analysis of key economic sectors; ideal for planning and marketing purposes $250 3 Who Controls Environmentalism A history and detailed grid of the environmental­ ist movement in the United States Analyzes sources of funding, political command structure, and future plans $50 4 Prospects for Instability in Nigeria A full analysis of Nigeria's economic develop­ ment program from a political standpoint In­ cludes review of federalstate regulations, analy­ sis of major regional power blocs, and the en­ vironment for foreign investors $250 5 The Significance of the Shakeup at Pemex EIR correctly forecast the political troubles of former Pemex director Jorge Diaz Serrano, and this report provides the full story of the recent shakeup at Pemex lncludes profile of new Pemex director Julio Rodolfo Moctezuma Cid, implica­ tions of the Pemex shakeup for the upcoming presidential race, and consequences for Mexico's energy policy $200 6 What is the Trilateral Commission? The most complete analysis of the background, origins, and goals of this muchtalkedabout organization Demonstrates the role of the com­ mission in the Carter administration's Global 2000 report on mass population reduction; in the P2 scandal that collapsed the Italian government this year; and in the Federal Reserve's high interestrate policy Includes complete member­ ship list $100 7 NearTerm Prospects for Gold Price Increase A political guide to the reasons for the recent decline in the price of gold, and likely price move: ments in the future Includes analysis of control over international private gold stocks, ongoing ef­ forts to corner the market, and review of scenar· ios now in circulation for remonetizing gold $500 , ! EIR ! , EXECUTIVE INT ELLIGENCE REVIEW I , I , I would like to receive these EIRSpe cial Reports: Name 1 ,

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