Evolving Geometric Design Decision-Making

Evolving Geometric Design Decision-Making

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Patrick Hasson. Safety and Highway Design Technical Service Team Leader enhancing the friction of roadway surfaces. The modern roundabout is a form of circular intersection in which traffic travels counterclockwise around.

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1 Evolving Geometric Design Decision Making in the United States US Coun tr y Report f or th e 5 th In terna tional Sy mposi um on Geom etr ic Desi gn Vancouver, Canada June 2015 18 The AASHTO Guide is a comprehensive treatment of the planning, design, safety, and operational considerations for bicycle facilities However, it does not include innovations—such as bike boxes—that are being tried in various municipalities around the country The National Association of City T ransportation Officials released the Urban Bikeway Design Guide (33 ) in 2010 to address these innovative techniques for onstreet bikeways A majority of these innovative techniques are compatible with the other AASHTO and FHWA guides and manuals Several municipalities are making advances with the use of separated bike lanes —sometimes referred to as cycle tracks—and there has been a need for more design guidance for these types of facilities (See Figure 4 ) FHWA will be releasing a guide for the design of these separated bike lanes in 2015 With limited bicycle crash data available, linking design features to actual safety performance continues to be a challenge The guidelines will, however, address the benefits and challenges with the various design treatments and provide designers with background information on what is currently known about the safety of these designs Accessible Transportation The year 2015 marks the 25 th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act This civil rights legislation has a direct effect on design decisions with its requirements to assure equal access to gove rnment programs (such as transportation) and to public places for people with physical or mental impairments (See Figure 5 ) Shortly after this law was enacted, the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) ( 34) were adopted as the design standard for making facilities accessible to all pedestrians These standards, and more recently adopted updates, include requirements such as limiting criteria for clear passage, turning spaces, longitudinal and cross sl opes, ramps with handrails, curb ramps between sidewalks and street crossings, and handicap parking spaces However, these standards are more applicable to building and site construction then they are to the longitudinal public right of way Designers and agencies have been left to translate the ADAAG standards, where applicable, to highways and streets and make judgments on issues not fully addressed by the standards The US Architectural and Transportation Bar riers Compliance Board is in the process of finalizing its Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities in the Public Right of Way (35) Notable features of these guidelines include: • Minimum continuous width of sidewalks is 4 ft (12 m), exclusive of curb • Longitudinal grade of sidewalks may match , but not exceed, the grade of the adjacent roadway • Wherever pedestrian activated signals are installed, the push buttons must be properly located and have locator tones and audible and vibrotactile indications • Cross slope of crosswalk s at intersections may not exceed 2% if crossing traffic always slows or stops, as at a yield or stop sign • Cross slope of crosswalks at intersections may not exceed 5% if crossing traffic may at times proceed through the intersection without slowing, as d uring the green phase of a signal • All crosswalks, whether marked or unmarked, must

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