Electrical Engineering - Science Expeditionary Force

Electrical Engineering - Science Expeditionary Force

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What type of things do these different engineers design and build? INSTRUCTION: Engineering is an art requiring the judgment necessary to adapt knowledge to practical

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http ://www.sci encefo rce.org / Electrical Engineering CONTE NT STANDARD: Physical Science CONTE NT TOPIC: Electrical Energy CONCEP T: Electrical engineers build m any types of electrical and electronic devices. CONTE NT OBJECTI VE: To understand what an electrical e ngineer is and what types of work they perform. INSTRUCTIONAL OB JECT IVES : The lea rner will: • define engineering and electrical eng ineering • identify and build sim ple electrical circuits • gain an understanding of team wo rk and participate in a team OUTLINE OF CONTENT: I. Engineering is the application of scien ce to solve problem s and create usef ul products (like the iPod, co mputer or DVD pl ayer) and projects (like a tunnel or bridge). II. Electrical engineers create things like: com puters, pow er generation, appliances, radar, controls, and com munications. III. Engineers ty pically work in team s with each team m ember doing different things. IV. Students will work as a team to build different projects. GOAL: To enable students to dem onstrate ways of thinking and practic ing science; and to exhibit an awareness of the historical and cultur al contributions to the enterprise of science. Im agination and creativity contri bute to the processes of scienc e through ideas and inventions. STANDARD(S): The le arner will un derstand tha t: Science is b ased upon s uppositio ns derived fr om observations of natural phenom ena. BENCHMARK: Unknown or unobserved variables m ay lead to unanticipated results. The critical assum ptions behind any line of re asoning m ust be m ade explicit so that the validity of the position taken can be judged. BENCHMARK: Prior learning m ust be accurate and free of incorrect as sum ptions. BENCHMARK: Higher order thinking sk ills, when directed toward the process of science, m ay produce unique solutions or results. © 2 006 Sci ence Ex peditiona ry

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