Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Cells

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Cells

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tions from preparations of frog nerves and muscle in the late 1700s using electricity from lightning storms and static . a general disregard for EMF studies that reported observations from patients or .. excitation causes random motion of the conduction charges, and the force due to the applied fie

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See d is c u ssio n s, s ta ts , a n d a u th or p ro fil e s f o r t h is p ub lic a tio n a t: http s:/ /w wwr e se a rc h ga te n et/ p ub lic a tio n /6 981003 Effe cts o f E le ctr o m ag n etic F ie ld s on C ells : P h ysio lo gic a l a n d Th era p eu tic a l A ppro ach es a n d Mole cu la r Artic le in Cells T is su es O rg a n s · F e b ru ary 2 006 DO I: 1 01 159/0 00093061 · So u rc e : P ub M ed CIT A TIO NS 74 REA D S 371 2 a u th ors : So m e o f t h e a u th ors o f t h is p ub lic a tio n a re a ls o w ork in g o n t h ese r e la te d pro je cts : Physic a l f a cto rs ( lig h t a n d e le ctr o m agn etic f ie ld s) i n flu en cin g c e lls a n d tis su es Vie w p ro je ct Ric h ard H W F u n k Tech n is c h e U niv e rs it ä t D re sd en 256 PU BLIC ATIO NS 3,3 65 CIT A TIO NS SEE P R O FIL E Th om as K M on se es Univ e rs it y o f t h e W este rn C ap e 68 PU BLIC ATIO NS 1,0 08 CIT A TIO NS SEE P R O FIL E All c o n te n t f o llo w in g t h is p age w as u p lo ad ed b y Ric h ard H W F u n k o n 0 4 D ece m ber 2 014 Th e u se r h as r e q ueste d e n han ce m en t o f t h e d ow nlo ad ed f il e PROGRESS IN HISTOCHEMISTRY AND CYTOCHEMISTRY Progress in Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 43 (2009) 177–264 Electromagnetic effects – From cell biology to medicine Richard HW Funk , Thomas Monsees, Nurdan O¨ zkucur Technische Universita ¨t Dresden, Medizinische Fakulta ¨t Carl Gustav Carus, Institut fu ¨r Anatomie, Fetscherstraße 74, 01307 Dresden, Germany Received 23 June 2008; accepted 25 July 2008 Abstract In this review we compile and discuss the published plethora of cell biological effects which are ascribed to electric fields (EF), magnetic fields (MF) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) In recent years, a change in paradigm took place concerning the endogenously produced static EF of cells and tissues Here, modern molecular biology could link the action of ion transporters and ion channels to the ‘‘electric’’ action of cells and tissues Also, sensing of these mainly EF could be demonstrated in studies of cell migration and wound healing The triggers exerted by ion concentrations and concomitant electric field gradients have been traced along signaling cascades till gene expression changes in the nucleus Far more enigmatic is the way of action of static MF which come in most cases from outside (eg earth magnetic field) All systems in an organism from the molecular to the organ level are more or less in motion Thus, in living tissue we mostly find alternating fields as well as combination of EF and MF normally in the range of extremely lowfrequency EMF Because a bewildering array of model systems and clinical devices exits in the EMF field we concentrate on cell biological findings and look for basic principles in the EF, MF and EMF action ARTICLE IN PRESS wwwelsevierde/proghi 00796336/$ see front matterr2008 Elsevier GmbH All rights reserved doi:101016/jproghi200807001 Abbreviations:DC EF, direct current electric fields; EMF, electromagnetic fields; EF, electric fields; MF, magnetic fields; PEMF, pulsed electromagnetic fields; PLMF,

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