EDUTRACK n120868 v3 Jason Smith 3 events flyer

EDUTRACK n120868 v3 Jason Smith 3 events flyer

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Jason Smith, CEO and Co-founder of TeacherTube 1 Jason Smith, CEO and Co-founder of TeacherTube Jason has been a teacher, middle school principal,

EDUTRACK n120868 v3 Jason Smith 3 events flyer free download

Jaso n S m it h , C EO a n d C o-fo under o f T each erT ube 1 J a so n S m it h , C EO a nd C o-fo und er o f T each erT ube Ja so n h as b een a te ach er, m id dle s c h ool p rin cip al, h ig h s ch ool p rin cip al a nd d is tr ic t s u perin te ndent in p ublic s ch ools . H e c u rre ntly s e rv e s a s S uperin te ndent o f s c h ools in M elis s a In dependent S ch ool D is tr ic t, 3 5 m ile s n orth o f D alla s, T exa s. Y ou a re in vit e d to a tte nd o ne o r m ore o f th e f o llo w in g e ve nts w it h J a so n: M aste r C la ss 9.3 0 a m to 2 .3 0 p m , T hurs d a y, 1 4 M ay 2 009 T rilo gy R oo m , P ark H ya tt H ote l, 1 P arlia m ent S t, M elb ourn e A nyw here , a n ytim e le arn in g is a r e alit y f o r s tu dents . Is

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