e-Novation for Power Conversion

e-Novation for Power Conversion

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Conversion Unit. Silicone Applications for xEV Power Conversion. Used in converters, inverters, on-board chargers, boosters and for inductive charging. • Thermal management with heat-conductive adhesives, encapsulants, gap fillers and pastes. • Assembly: – Potting of sensitive electronics: da

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CREATING TOMORROW’S SOLUTIONS eNOVATION FOR POWER CONVERSION POWERED BY SILICONES MOBILITY THE BRAIN OF eMOBILITY Highlyefficient power conversion is a vital process for eMobility The direct current supplied and stored by the battery must be inverted for compatibility with the edrive, which consumes and generates alternating current Similarly, the system voltage must be transformed to the levels required by the vari ous components All this highpowered action takes place in a compact, enclosed environment Hence, effective heat management is also es sential With our extensive expertise in auto motive, semiconductor and power electronics applications, we meet these challenges with outstanding silicone products Discover innova tive ideas for epower conversion in this brochure or develop new solutions together with us eNovation is Our Business With a strong focus on R&D, WACKER provides innovative momentum to products and applications in automotive and power electronics At our stateoftheart technical centers, we develop new products for you or optimize those of your existing applications Rely on firstclass service, provided by a vigorous, worldwide partner Let’s power up the future Let’s put the wheels on eMobility 2 ELASTOSIL ®, SEMICOSIL ® and WACKER SilGel ® are registered trademarks of Wacker Chemie AG SILICONES IN CHARGE Our silicones meet the powerconversion industry demands by providing efficient heat management and high temperature resistance Our latest adhe sives developments offer quick adhesion buildup with minimum energy input (< 10 min at 60 – 80 °C) and special grades even enable ovenfree processing They help to: • Dissipate heat (thermal management) by providing a durable coupling between the heat source (electronic device) and the heat sink (active or passive cooling system) • Protect against moisture, oxidation, chemicals and vibration • Extend life and performance 3 Silicone Applications for xEV Power Conversion Used in converters, inverters, onboard chargers, boosters and for inductive charging • Thermal management with heatconductive adhesives, encapsulants, gap fillers and pastes • Assembly: – Potting of sensitive electronics: dam and fill or selective potting (power module / insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) protection) – Sealing of components, housing and lid – Conformal coating (PCB protection) Silicones as Insulating Materials • Dielectric strength typically > 20 kV/mm • Volume resistivity (IEC 60093) > 10 Ω·cm Coating Connector sealing Thermally conductive gap filler or adhesive Thermally conductive gap filler or adhesive Potting incl dam and fill Selective (thixotropic) potting Housing sealing Connector sealing Housing sealing Potting LowVoltage Conversion Unit Silicone Application Fields HighVoltage Conversion Unit 4 As electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) both require two different elec trical power sources, a highvoltage 400 V battery and a lowvoltage 12 V (EV) or 48 V (HEV) battery, electrical currents need to be converted and voltages transformed Different devices are used for this power conversion HighVoltage Conversion Units The onboard charger inverts the power grid’s alternating current (AC) into direct current stored in the battery In addition to this it creates the necessary voltage level for the battery The inverter converts the DC of the battery into the AC used by the motor and vice versa in case of recuperation The more efficient this is, the further the electric range of the car LowVoltage Conversion Unit Just like fossilfuelpowered cars, EVs and HEVs require a lowvoltage battery to start and to power features such as electric windows, door locks, lighting and multimedia devices The converter reduces the voltage so that it can be stored in the lowvoltage battery (12 V for electric vehicles EV, 48 V for hybrid electric vehicles HEV) In all conversion units, our

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