Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion

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firstdata.com Dynamic Currency Conversion Enables customers to pay in the currency of their choice at the point of sale. The Challenge Millions of people visit the

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firstdata.com Dynamic Currency Conversion Enables customers to pay in the currency of their choice at the point of sale. The Challenge Millions of people visit the United States each year, spending money on retail, lodging, meals, entertainment and other items. As a result, businesses are accepting more and more Visa ® and MasterCard ® credit and debit cards that were issued outside the United States. A large percentage of these tourists and business travelers would rather pay for goods and services in their own local currency. By paying in their local currency, tourists and business travelers can make informed decisions about their purchases and feel confident knowing the exact amount they are paying. Currently, international travelers using credit cards in the United States have to wait for their monthly statement to find out how much their transactions cost in their local currency. This method is inconvenient and often challenging for business travelers who need to keep track of expenses. In addition, both Visa and MasterCard have recently implemented steep fees associated with the acceptance and processing of cards issued outside the United States, so determining the exact expense for a purchase becomes even more difficult. The Solution The First Data Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) product is a secure and compliant new credit card processing solution that provides businesses the ability to offer their international customers the choice to pay in their own currency or U.S. dollars (USD). With DCC, businesses can accept foreign MasterCard and Visa cards at the point of sale in traditional face-to-face transactions, as well as card-not-present (CNP) environments. Customers enjoy the added convenience of paying in the card currency of their choice. In turn, businesses earn additional revenue from conversion fees, all the while providing a higher level of service to their international customers. In a DCC transaction, both the business and

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