dr. mary b. alexander

dr. mary b. alexander

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Dr. Alexander received extensive training in dental but may also help with the management of other chronic inflammatory conditions. ➢ DIABETES. ➢ HEART DISEASE. ➢ OTHER DISEASE Our Periodontist Dr. Alexander explains about the periodontal disease with these simple answers. We've.

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1 | P a g e January 2017 Dental Newsletter “Dentistry is not expensive Neglect is ” We accept most Insurance Affordable Dental plans for patients with no Insurance Emergency appointments Open Mon – Sat Flexible Morning and Evening hours DR M ARY B ALEXANDER DDS, DMS (PERIODONTIST) Meet Our Doctor Dr Mary Alexander, Periodontist , obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of South Carolina and continued her education in dentistry at the University of Maryland School of Dental Surgery where she received her DDS degree After obtaining her DDS degree Dr Alexander spent one year at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, in general practice residency focusing her training in anxiety patient management She then attended Harvard University and earned her clinical specialty in periodontics and a doctorate in medical science Her doctoral research was focused in the study of bone function and metabolic disease of the bone Dr Alexander received extensive training in dental implantolo gy , periodontal plastic surgery, bone regenerative procedures and sedation dentistry All aspects of Dr Alexander’s training are incorporated in her periodontal practice assu ring patient’s thorough and comprehensive periodontal treatment In this Issue Meet our Doctor Page 1 Gum disea se symptoms Page 2 Periodontal Q & A Page 3, 4 and Page 5 Gum disease Myth and Facts Page 6 Yes, we have Dental Hygienist Page 7 Staff spotlight Page 8 What’s Happening @ our office Page 9 Tooth Fairy Corner Page 10 Our TDC Dentist Page 11 TDC Information Page 12 2 | P a g e GUM DISEASE SYMPTOMS Gum disease is not painful and generally symptomless so it is easy to ignore and consider it a minor problem If you don’t address the problem, conditions can occur like gum abscesses, bad breath, wobbly teeth and eventually tooth loss A generalized chro nic infection can spread to other parts of your body and affect your overall health Gum disease is often silent, meaning symptoms may not appear until an advanced stage of the disease Tender Swollen Gums Gums Bleeding when you brush and floss Chronic bad breath Tooth Sensitivity Changes in bite Gum recession Loose teeth Tooth Loss Don’t ignore these symptom s Research has shown that periodontal disease is associated with several other diseases For a long time, it was thought tha t bacteria were the factor that linked periodontal disease to other disease in the body; however, more recent research demonstrates that inflammation may be responsible for the association Therefore, treating inflammation may not only help manage periodon tal diseases but may also help with the management of other chronic inflammatory conditions  DIABETES  HEART DISEASE  OTHER DISEASE 3 | P a g e Got questions about Periodontal dentistry We have answers Our Periodontist Dr Alexander explains about the periodontal disease with these simple answers We’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked If you have a question that is not addressed here, please post in our blog or email us We look forward to reso lving all your dental concerns 1Who is a Periodontist? A periodontist is a doctor that specifically treats issues affecting the gums and the bones of the mouth These kinds of issues are often referred to together as periodontitis, or periodontal disease These specialists attend regular dental school and then receive an additional three years of schooling to develop their expertise in these specific features of the mouth Our Periodontist Dr Alexander DDS, DMS received extensive training in dental implantology ,

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