Dogs and Declawed Cats

Dogs and Declawed Cats

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reasons — such as injury or rare conditions like Ehlers-. Danlos syndrome — it is primarily done for human convenience. Most declawed cats have Here's where you really take out your Sherlock Holmes cap and partake in a bit of 

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Summer 2014 w The APDT Chronicle of the Dog w 69 Learning: Animal Behavior Dogs and Declawed Cats: Extra Caution Required C lient: “My 10yearold cat is attacking my new puppy! I have scheduled an appointment to have him declawed so that he doesn’t scratch the pup’s eyes out Do you have any other recommendations?” The above is from an actual call I received At this point, you may be thinking to yourself, “Another cat article in a magazine about dog training and behavior?! What’s the deal?!” The deal is that millions of American dogowning households also have feline residents Most of these people already recognize the importance of training their dogs, or at least they know that professionals exist to help with behavior challenges they may face with their canine friends These discerning humans are becoming ever more aware that cats can be trained too, and normal challenges in a catdog household can be addressed rather than just accepted Unfortunately, many of these wellmeaning cat and dog owners have a lot to learn about the behavioral needs of their pets, especially the feline part of the triad Who better to guide the process than their familiar dog trainer or behavior consultant? This article will briefly address the basics of partialtoe amputations (colloquially known as “declawing,” medically termed “onychectomy”) It will provide a quick overview of why a client may consider the procedure for the perceived safety of their dog, and how you can redirect the focus onto real solutions It will also examine the special needs of cats who have already had partialtoe amputations and live in households with dogs The goal is to provide you with information to guide clients away from opting for the unnecessary declawing of their cat, and provide guidance on making the household safer for cats who have already had the procedure Part 1: So, Your Clients Are Considering Declawing PartialToe Amputation: “Say What?” It may seem strange, or not, that someone would want to amputate any part of their companion animal Of course spaying and neutering could potentially add to the prosurgical modification team, but for the purpose of this article we will accept that sterilization procedures are generally considered beneficial on a population level, even if not appropriate for every individual of the two species While the dog world deals with controversies over ear cropping, tail docking, debarking, and the rare case of partialtoe amputation, the cat world generally faces the single considerable issue of partialtoe amputations There is no database tracking every partialtoe amputation procedure, but even conservative estimates would place the number of declawed cats currently in the US in the millions Onychectomy involves partially amputating the toe at the first joint It is done through a variety of methods, using a scalpel or laser, and even occasionally through the use of dog nail clippers Veterinarian techniques run the gambit from expensive, highly technical procedures involving nerve blocks, precise surgical techniques, and intensive postop care to a “side of fries” removal with a dog nail clipper during a spay or neuter While there are occasions when onychectomy is beneficial for medical reasons — such as injury or rare conditions like Ehlers Danlos syndrome — it is primarily done for human convenience Most declawed cats have amputations on their front feet only, but some vets also perform partialtoe amputations on the rear paws For more in depth information on onychectomy procedures and repercussions, why clients consider declawing, and the psychological processes of veterinarians who perform the procedures, see the links in the Resources section CatDog Interventions: Focus On Real Solutions to

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