DOCUMENT RESUME Carlson, Ruth Kearney Ten Values of Children's literature. 13p.; Paper ...

DOCUMENT RESUME Carlson, Ruth Kearney Ten Values of Children's literature. 13p.; Paper ...

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the controversial book, Drop, -Dead (12), by Julia Cunningham depicts a lonely boy and his .. Holt, ilinehart and Winston, 1965. 6. Belting, Natalia. The Stars are Silver Reindeer. Banner Over Me,, A Tale of the Norman Conquest.

DOCUMENT RESUME Carlson, Ruth Kearney Ten Values of Children's literature. 13p.; Paper ... free download

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 033 826 RE 002 033 AUTHOR Carlson, Ruth Kearney TITLE Ten Values of Children's literature Pub Date May 69 Note 13p; Paper presented at the International Reading Association conference, Kansas City, Mc, Apr30 May 3, 196g EDRS Price ERRS Price MF$025 HC$075 Descriptors *Childrens Books, *Literature, *Values Abstract Children's literature is discussed in terms of 10 values which it may bring to readers Some of these values are personal, involving pleasure, imagination, literary appreciation, cr a chance to identify with the hero in a book Some of the values are functional, involving information about today's world; discussions of art, music, or literature; or accounts of factual history Each of the 10 values discussed is illustrated ky a listing of several books which deal with that value cn levels for children cf various ages A 91item bibliography is included (Mr) GN4 Dr Ruth Kearney Carlson Professor of Education Cal State College at Hayward 25800 Hillary Avenue Hayward, California Hay 45, 1969 Ten Values of Children's Literature For 1969 Annual Convention of the International Reading Association Undoubtedly, children's literature has countless values, but this paper will focus upon ten benefits of good literature enjoyed by chil dren from three to fifteen years of age It is difficult to distinguish between adult and child literature Ordinarily, mature books have more pages, and offer more complex plots and characterizations, and are more concerned with sex and mayhem Many values of children's literature can be cited, but the most precious benefit is the delight and enchantment which good literature affords boys and girls Competent observers can measure enjoyment by subjective means such as the sparkle in a child's eye as he shares his favorite book about a horse or a dog, a sense of kinship which peers have when they discuss The B rrowers (57) or Wind in the Willows, a deep sense of involvement in difficulties of Wilbur and Charlotie in Charlotte's Web, (88) or the quiet contemplative look of a boy curled up in a chair immersing himself in A Wrinkle in Time (22) Some children enjoy literature for its therapeutic value A boy who reads The Loner (90) by :ester Wier em pathizes with the nameless child who wanders alone to migrant camps, and the controversial book, Drop, Dead (12), by Julia Cunningham depicts a lonely boy and his inner turmoil concerning the meaning of security and conformity Younger boys and girls enjoy poetry when it is presented in an en joyable manner The very young child relishes the rhythm of the words in "Mrs Peck Pigeon" by Eleanor Farjeon, or "Jump and Jiggle" by L Beyer He struts as a pigeon or pantomimes the movement of creatures jumping and jiggling He can march up and down a hill to the "Grand Old Duke of York" or listen to the rhythm and story of "The Pasture" by Robert Frost A child loves melodious lines in poetry or prose or listens to the alliterative tune of S in "Sea Shell" by Amy Lowell or the W and Wh sounds giving the speed of a train in "WhicketyWhack" by Aileen Fisher Again he may listen to the words of Margaret Wise Brown in "Little Black Bug" or be lulled by the tune of "April Rain Song" by Langston Hughes Occasionally a child may dramatize such a poem as "A Fairy Went A Marketing" by Rose Fyleman or "The Owl and the Pussycat" by Edward Lear Older children enjoy reading horse and animal stories Boys and girls in the fifth and sixth grades immerse themselves in books by such an author as Marguerite Henry Her volumes such as Mistyof Chincotea (E2), xim21asito (26), and Gat2f1211ziajPridepaiata7;727, are 2 relived imaginatively Somehow boys and girls can identify with the words of Mrs Henry as her distinctive prose recreates the training of horses in White Stallion of LIpizza (28) They sense the cruelty and avaraciousness of hunters who almost destroyed mustangs for dog food in Mustang Wild Spirit of the West (29) Other books of realistic fiction are appreciated by intermediate grade

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