Diversiofication In Employment Structure And Status Of Rural Women Workers In Ernakulam District

Diversiofication In Employment Structure And Status Of Rural Women Workers In Ernakulam District

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Ernakulam District " is a bona fide record of the research work done by .. activities undertaken by women in the selected villages of. Ernakulam district. iv) To assess the consequences thereof on the employment status of .. model a qualitative dependent variable is expressed as a function of sever

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DIVERSIFICATION IN EMPLOYMENT STRUCTURE AND STATUS OF RURAL WOMEN WORKERS IN ERNAKULAM DISTRICT Thesis submitted to the Cochin University of Science and Technology For the award of the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Under the Faculty of Social Sciences) MANJULAK (Reg No 1427) DEPARTMENT OF APPUED ECONOMICS COCHIN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COCHIN682022, KERALA August 2002 DrJose TPayyappilly Professor Director (Retd) School of Management Studies Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi22 12th August 2002 CERTIFICATE· This is to certify that the work entitled " Diversification in Employment Structure and Status of Rural Women Workers in Ernakulam District " is a bona fide record of the research work done by Smt Manjula K under my supervision and guidance This work has not formed the basis for the award of any degree, diploma or associateship in any University The thesis is worth submitting for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy under the Faculty of Social Sciences D R('::jvSttuAn, I"Je rr) 6 (,, , 'ODden cJ &, vv: UeL "f "" ~ r r " ' ", ~ I ~~;? DrJose'T1layyap y (Supervising G '8e) List of Tables List of Figures Chapter I Introduction 11 The Problem CONTENTS 12 Women Workers and Diversification 13 Objectives 14 Hypotheses 15 Database and Methodology 16 Survey Design 17 Techniques of Data Analysis 18 Limitations 19 Plan of the Study Notes Chapter II Conceptual Framework 21 Diversification 22 Diversification in Employment Structure 23 Employment Status Page 19 24 Diversification in Employment Status Chapter III Literature Review 30 31 The Extent and Nature of Changes in Rural Female Work Participation Rates 32 Changes in the Sectoral Distribution of Rural Female Workers 33 Detenninants of Diversification in Employment 34 Employment Status of Women Workers 35 Hypotheses Chapter IV Rural Nonagricultural Employment in Kerala­ Size, Structure and Status 41 Rural Work Participation Rates in Kerala 42 Sectoral Composition of Rural Workers in Kerala 43 Status of Employment in Rural Areas Chapter V Trends and Pattern of Female Employment An InterDistrict Analysis 51 Profile of the State 52 Rural Work Participation in the Districts of Kerala 53 Process of Diversification in Kerala 54 Sectoral Composition of Rural Female Workers in the Districts of Kerala 43 69 55 Detenninants of Female Nonagricultural Employment in Rural Kerala Notes Chapter VI Profile of the study area and the sample households 98 61 District Profile 62Vadavukode Block 63 Vazhakulam Block 64 Vyttila Block 65 A Comparative Profile of Sample Households 66 Social Protile 67 Familial Profile 68 Demographic Profile 69 Educational Protile 610 Employment Profile 611 Economic Profile Chapter VII Diversification in Employment Structure and Status of 135 Women A Micro Analysis 71 Process and Pattern of Diversification 72 Determinants of Di versification 73 Employment Status of Diversified Workers Notes Chapter VIII Conclusion 194 81 Rural Employment Structure in Kerala 82 Process and Pattern of Diversification in the Study Villages 83 Implications of the Findings 84 Conclusion Appendix

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