Digital Storytelling and Reflection in Higher Education

Digital Storytelling and Reflection in Higher Education

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hear (Hull, Kenny, Marple & Forman-Schneider, 2006: 10). Digital storytelling shifts the focus of the classroom away from the teacher, a model .. Fostering a culture of reflection amongst constructionist learners: Digital storytelling as a tool for reflective practice. Thesis proposal for the degre

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Journal of Education and Training Studies Vol 2, No 1; January 201 4 ISSN 2324 805X EISSN 2324 8068 Published by Redfame Publishing URL: http://jetsredfamecom 217 Digital Storytelling and Reflection in Higher Education: A Case of Pre service Student Teachers and Their Lecturers at a University of Technology Eunice Ivala 1, Daniela Gachago 1, Janet Condy 1 & Agnes Chigona 1 1Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa Correspondence: Eunice Ivala, Fundani Centre for Higher Education and Development, Cape Town, South Africa Received: July 9, 2013 Accepted: August 29, 2013 Onlin e Published: November 20 , 201 3 doi:1011114/jetsv 2i1286 URL: http://dxdoiorg/ 1011114/jetsv 2i1286 Abstract Employers in South Africa are calling for students graduating from higher education institutions (HEIs) to exhibit the capacity fo r reflection However, many tertiary institutions fall short in allowing opportunities for reflection As a result, HEIs are grappling to find ways of fostering reflection amongst their students This paper argues that digital storytelling if implemented p roperly is one of the ways which can be used to help HEIs in this accomplishment It documents results of production of digital stories by 29 final year pre service student teachers at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), South Africa, as pa rt of their assessment in their professional development course The study was informed by structuration theory and levels of reflection and cognitive processing to help the researchers understand the potential of digital storytelling in enhancing reflecti on Qualitative methods of collecting data were utilized Focus group interviews were conducted with the students and their facilitators to elicit whether production of digital stories led to reflection Findings showed that the production of digital stori es promoted the three levels of reflection and thus deep learning and higher order thinking skills Keywords : structuration theory, reflection, deep learning, digital stories, levels of reflection 1 Introduction There is pressure on higher education fro m both government and employers in many countries, including South Africa, to produce graduates who have the attributes, capabilities and dispositions to work successfully (Griesel & Parker, 2009) As a result, South African higher education institutions ( HEIs) are currently engaging with graduate attributes provided by the South African Qualifications Authority to see how best to embed these attributes in teaching, learning and assessment in order to address the needs of employers Some of the graduate attributes which employers consider important and expect graduates from HEIs to have in order to be functional in the community and workplace are reflection and higher order thinking skills

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