Diesel - Practical Action - technology challenging poverty

Diesel - Practical Action - technology challenging poverty

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DIESEL Introduction The internal combustion (IC) engine has been the main provider of shaft power since the early part of the 20th century. Their light, compact

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DIESEL Introduction The internal combustion (IC) engine has been the main provider of shaft power since the early part of the 20th century. Their light, compact design and the easy availability of relatively cheap petroleum fuels meant that the IC engine soon ousted the bulkier steam engine and there has been no looking back. Hundreds of millions of IC engines have since been produced and although the vast majority have been fitted in motor vehicles, they have been put to such diverse uses as powering electricity producing generators, ships and boats, agricultural and agro processing machinery and many industrial applications. They are extremely versatile with a very high power to weight ratio. In developing countries the IC engine has been used for many decades and plays a very important role in providing power for rural applications. Many stand-alone units provide power for milling, small-scale electricity production, water pumping, etc. They are readily available, commercially, off-the-shelf in most major towns and cities in developing countries in a range of sizes for various applications. There is usually a well-established spare parts and maintenance network, both at urban and rural centres. There are two main types of IC engine and they can be simply categorised by the type of fuel used; petrol (gasoline) or diesel. The petrol engine is widely used for small vehicles and light applications whereas diesel engines are more suited to continuous running for lengthy periods at higher load ratings and are therefore used more widely for stationary applications and commercial vehicles. Principles of operation of the IC engine As mentioned above the main distinction in common engine types is that of the fuel used. The combustion process in the petrol engine and the diesel engine differ in the following significant features: in the petrol engine the petrol

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