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DIESEL ENGINES Farm Machinery Fact Sheet FM-07 By Dr. Von H. Jarrett, Extension Agricultural Engineer Diesel engines are rugged, dependable and economical to operate

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DIESEL ENGINES Farm Machinery Fact Sheet FM-07 By Dr. Von H. Jarrett , Extension Agricultural Engineer Diesel engines are rugged, dependable and economical to operate if prope\ rly maintained. However, a diesel is different than a common gasoline engine. There are \ no spark plugs, points or carburetor to adjust. The fuel pump will perform all of these \ operations if it has a steady flow of clean, water-free No. 2 diesel fuel. The key to success i\ n engine performance is proper fuel, air and lubrication. In a diesel engine, the fuel serves as a lubricant and coolant during th\ e fuel injection processes, in addition to supplying BTU's for power production. That is \ why it is so important that all contamination be removed before the fuel reaches the injection \ pump and injector. These parts have extremely close tolerance and highly-polished internal \ surfaces that wig fall if water, rust, slime, micro-organisms or scale is allowed to pass throu\ gh the diesel pump. Water is a serious threat to the diesel system. It does not have the lub\ ricating ability that is vital for the proper operation of pumps and injectors. The clearances ar\ e as small as 6-12 microns in size. That's 2-3 times smaller than a human hair. Water is no\ t supplied by the oil distillation processes, but occurs through condensation in storage and h\ andling processes through the tank filler cap and dirty containers that are used in the fu\ el transfer to the engine. All diesel engines have fuel filters that need to be changed periodicall\ y for removal of solid contamination, but may not remove all the water present. Water will mix \ with diesel fuel through agitation and handling. The water will settle out of diesel fuel\ in 24 hours, if allowed to, under normal conditions. This water needs to be drained from fuel st\ orage tanks periodically to prevent the possibility of pumping it into a diesel engi\ ne. Some filtration processes offer a centrifugal action that separates the \ water,

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