Developments of EUREF's GNSS Reference Network (EPN)

Developments of EUREF's GNSS Reference Network (EPN)

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17 Greece Hellenic Military Geographical Service More than 50 members from more than . realization of continental geodetic reference system

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Developments of EUREF ’ s Developments of EUREF s GNSS Reference NetworkGNSS Reference Network EPN Johannes Ihde 1) (BKG), Carine Bruyninx (ROB), Heinz Habrich (BKG), Ambrus Kenyeres (FÖMI), Markku Poutanen (FGI) 1)Contact: Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) Richard Strauss Allee 11 D60598 Frankfurt on Main [email protected] International Symposium on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Spacebased and Groundbased Augmentation Systems and Applications Bli G 11 14 N b 2008 EUREF’s EPNEUPOS Symposium 2008 1 B er lin, G ermany, 11 14 N ovem b er 2008 EUREF •Creation in 1987 at the IUGG General AbliVA ssem bl y in V ancouver •Subcommission 13a of IAG •Central Bureau of EPN in Brussels, Secretary in Munich •Permanent committee is the Technical Working Group with about 15 members (3 i) meet ings per year ) •Links to about 130 Euro p ean or g anizations, pg agencies, universities – related to geo referencing, positioning, and navigation EUREF’s EPNEUPOS Symposium 2008 2 Outline (1) Mission of EUREF (2) Definition and Realization of European Geodetic Reference SystemsEuropean Geodetic Reference Systems , EUREF’s Network Infrastructure (3) From Reprocessing and Velocity Fields tR l Ti N t k M it i t o R ea l Ti me N e t wor k M on it or i ng (4) Summary (4) Summary EUREF’s EPNEUPOS Symposium 2008 3 (1) Mission of EUREF D D fi iti li ti d i t f D D e fi n iti on, rea li za ti on an d ma in t enance o f the European Geodetic Reference Systems •Promotion and assistance of the adoption and use of European Terrestrial Reference System (ETRS89)in E i li t t ITRFE urope in a li gnmen t to ITRF xx •The EUREF GNSS Permanent Network (EPN)is the db dGNSSi f t t f i tifi d groun d b ase d GNSS in fras truc ture for sc ien tifi c an d practical applications in positioning and navigation (GGOS, IGSRT) •The definition and realization of the European Vertical Reference System has arrived 2007 a new stage (EVRS2007) • Provides all its products on the “ best effort ” basis and EUREF’s EPNEUPOS Symposium 2008 4 Provides all its products on the best effort basis and free of charge to the public Network of Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding MdfM emoran dum o f Understanding WEGENER ICG EUREF’s EPNEUPOS Symposium 2008 5 1 Albania Institut Studimit Tokave 35 Slovakia Úrad geodézie , karto grafie a katastra SR NMCA’s 2 Armenia State Committee of the Real Property Cadastre 3 Austria BEV Bundesamt für Eich und Vermessungswesen 4 Belarus State Committee for Land Resources, Geodesy and Cartography 5 Belgium Nationaal Geografisch Instituut / Institut Géographique National Administration du Cadastre, de L'Enregistrement et des Domaines / Administratie van het Kadaster, de Registratie en de Domeinen 6 Bosnia & Herzegovina g,g 36 Slovenia Geodetska uprava republike Slovenije 37 Spain Instituto Geográfico Nacional Dirección General del Catastro 38 Sweden Lantmäteriet 39 Switzerland Bundesamt für Landestopografie 40 The Netherlands Kadaster en Openbare Registers 6 Bosnia & Herzegovina Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs 7 Bulgaria Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works 8 Croatia Drzavna Geodetska Uprava 9 Cyprus Department of Lands and Surveys, Ministry of the Interior 10 Czech Republic Cesky urad zememericky a katastralni 11 Denmark Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen41 Turke y Harita genel komutanligi, General Command of Mapping 42 Ukraine State Service of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre 12 Estonia Maaamet 13 Finland Maanmittauslaitos Finnish Geodetic Institute 14 France IGN – Institut Géographique National 15 Germany BKG Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie 16 Great Britain Ordnance Survey of Great Britain 17 Greece Hellenic Military Geographical Service More than 50 members from more than 40 t t 17 Greece Hellenic Military Geographical Service Hellenic Mapping and Cadastral Organisation 18 Hungary Földügyi és Térképészeti Foosztály 19 Iceland Landmælingar Íslands Fasteignamat Rikisins 20 Ireland Ordnance Survey of Ireland 21 Italy Instituto Geografico Militare Italiano 40 s tates 22 Kosovo Kosovo Cadastral Agenc y 23 Latvia LR Valsts zemes dienests Latvijas Geotelpiskas Informacijas Agentura 24 Lithuania National Land Service State Enterprise, Centre of Registers 25 Luxembourg Administration du Cadastre et de la Topographie 26 Malta Malta Environment and Plannin g Authorit y gy 27 Moldova National Agency of Cadastre, Land Resources and Geodesy 28 Northern Ireland Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland 29 Norway Statens kartverk 30 Poland Glówny Urzad Geodezji i Kartografii 31 Portugal Instituto Geografico Português 32 Romania Agentia Nationala de Cadastru si Publicitate Imobiliara EUREF’s EPNEUPOS Symposium 2008 6 33 Russia Federal Service of Geodesy and Cartography of Russia 34 Serbia

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