Description of Class Mutation Mutation Operators for Java

Description of Class Mutation Mutation Operators for Java

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Variable shadowing can cause instance variables that are deflned in a subclass to shadow (or hide) member variables of the parent. However,

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Description of Class Mutation Mutation Operators for Java Yu-Seung Ma Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea [email protected] Je O utt Software Engineering George Mason University o [email protected] August 1, 2014 This document provides a brief description of the muJava class mutation operators, which were updated currently for version II of the tool. The class mutation operators are classi ed into four groups, based on the language features that are a ected. The rst three groups are based on language features that are common to all OO languages. The last group includes OO features that are Java-speci c. 1. Encapsulation 2. Inheritance 3. Polymorphism 4. Java-Speci c Features Our strategy for developing mutation operators is to handle all the possible syntactic changes for OO features. Some previous mutation operators have been developed based on experience of testers. There is so little reported data on testing OO features that this method is not possible at this time. Generally, all the behaviors of mutation operators fall under one of the three categories: (1) delete, (2) insert , and (3) changea target syntactic element. This paper reports on mutation operators that implement all three kinds of behaviors, within Java's syntactic rules. This section rst describes each operator informally, then gives an example mutant that can be created from the operator. Several operators were taken from the previous research into OO mutation, and the relationships between our operators and the previous operators are detailed in the next section. 1 Language Feature Operator Description E ncapsulation AMC A ccess modi er change IHD H iding variable deletion IHI H iding variable insertion IOD O verriding method deletion IOP O verriding method calling position change I nheritance IOR O verriding method rename ISI s uper keyword insertion ISD s uper keyword deletion IPC Explicit call to a parent's constructor deletion PNC n ew method call with child class type PMD M ember variable declaration with parent class type PPD P arameter variable declaration with child class type PCI Type cast operator insertion P olymorphism PCC C ast type change PCD Type cast operator deletion PRV R eference assignment with

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