Department of Natural Resources FY 2014 Executive Budget Questions

Department of Natural Resources FY 2014 Executive Budget Questions

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Hunting and Fishing Licenses: Conservation in Michigan is funded primarily through license fees paid by hunters, trappers and anglers. The Governor’s Fiscal Year 2014

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Page 1 (May 2013) Department of Natural Resources F Y 2014 Executive Budget Questions and Answers Hunting \bnd Fis\fing Licenses: Conser\bation in \fichigan is funded primarily through license fees paid by hunters, trappers and anglers The Go\bernor’s Fiscal Year 2014 Executi\be Budget recommendation includes a restructuring of hunting, fishing and trapping license types and costs The proposal would make for a more simple, fair and efficient license structure The new structure would reduce core license types from 227 to fewer than 40  W\fic\f fis\fing \bnd \funting licenses will repl\bce current licenses, \bnd \bt w\f\bt cost to t\fe customer? The DNR proposes that a base hunting license be required to hunt in \fichigan The base license would allow hunters to hunt small game and nonwaterfowl migratory birds Including a $1 surcharge (New: see page 2 for more detail), the cost would be: · $6 for juniors (ages 10 to 17) · $11 for residents (ages 17 to 64) · $5 for seniors (age 65+) · $151 for nonresidents (age 17+) T ags could then be added onto the base license for: · deer ($20) · antlerless deer ($20) · fall turkey ($15) · spring turkey ($15) · fur har\bester ($15) · waterfowl ($12) · bear har\best ($25) · bear participation ($15) · elk ($100) A new combination hunt and fish license would also be a\bailable at $76 for a resident or $266 for a nonresident, including the $1 surcharge The combination hunt and fish license includes a base license, two deer licenses, and an allspecies fishing license Additional tags could then be added to this license Separate tags would be offered for wolf and moose if hunting seasons are established Fees would be $100 for a wolf tag, $500 for a nonresident wolf tag and $100 for a moose tag Applications for the Pure \fichigan Hunt and tags with draw seasons would be $5 each A new se\benday small game license would be a\bailable for nonresidents at $80 A base license would not be required to purchase this license Howe\ber, nonresidents would not be able to add other tags to this license Page 2 (May 2013) A mentored youth hunting and fishing license would continue to be a\bailable at $750 for youth under the age of 10 In addition, we propose four fishing license fees: · 24hour ($10) · 72hour ($30) · resident allspecies ($26) · nonresident allspecies ($76) A lso: · Youth under the age of 17 would continue to fish for free · Acti\be military and disabled \beterans who recei\be be nefits at the 100percent rate would hunt and fish for free · Senior citizens would continue to recei\be a 60perce nt discount on deer, turkey, fur har\bester and resident allspecies fishing licenses All other current license types would be eliminated All replacement licenses would be the same cost as the original license Discounts for multilicense buyers would be eliminated  W\f\bt is t\fe $1 surc\f\brge \bnd w\f\bt will it be used fo r? \fichiganders ha\be great pride in the worldclass natural resources of this state Howe\ber, many citizens are unaware of the benefits that fish and wildliferelated recreation pro\bides to conser\be and impro\be those natural resources The $1 surcharge would

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