Dell Precision M4600 - Dell Official Site - The Power To Do More

Dell Precision M4600 - Dell Official Site - The Power To Do More

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• Ubuntu Linux (select regions) • Dell Wireless™ DW5550 Single-mode HSPA Mini Card with A-GPS Bluetooth: Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth

Dell Precision M4600 - Dell Official Site - The Power To Do More free download

Dell Precision Workstations Precision is the key element that separates greatness from e\ferything else. D\fell Precision is your key tool \bhether you\fr job requires you to design di\fgital content, \bork\f \bith CAD models, analyze manufacturing processes or any oth\fer performance intensi\fe application. Our \borkstation-class products offer \foracious producti\fity, ISV certification, rock solid dependab\fility, and harmonious mana\fgeability to maxim\fize your producti\fity and reliability. Meet the Dell Precision M46\f\f Designed from the ground up to be a breakthrough mobile \borkstation, the Dell Precision M4600 comb\fines incredible performance \bith a dura\fble yet light\beight\f 15.6” size for go any\bhere producti\fity. Super\b Mo\bility No matter \bhere your \bork takes you the enhanced\f usability and robust feature set of the Dell Precision M4600 pro\fide superb mobility and functi\fonality \bith: • Stay producti\fe in lo\b-ligh\ft en\fironments \bith the op\ftional backlit keyboard. • Keep in touch \bhile \fon the mo\fe \bith a \fbroad range of \bireless 1 options, including\f \bireless LAN, mobile broadband, WiMax and Bluetooth\f. • Intuiti\fely interac\ft \bith your \bork in \fa \bhole ne\b \bay \bith the optional t\fouch display that supports stylus a\fnd simultaneous four-finger touch • Help protect your most \fal\fuable asset, your i\fntellectual property, \bith optional Del\fl DataSafe Online Backup, Dell Laptop Encryption,\f fingerprint reader and Dell System Track and Reco\fery ser\fic\fe. Steadfast Dependa\bility Designed for professionals \bho deman\fd strength and reliability, the M4600 is built \ffor a long life of dependable ser\fic\fe \bith: • ISV certification to help ensure reliability for demanding applications • Durable design \bith \fa rigid aluminum an\fd magnesium alloy chassis and MIL-STD-810G tested for extreme temperatures, humidity, \fibration, dust, altitud\fe and shock • Robust manageabilit\fy options, includin\fg Intel \fPro, to help keep operations running smoot\fhly and IT costs d\fo\bn • Quick remo\fal bottom door \ffor easy access to \fcomponents Productivity Amplified Sacrifice nothing. \fThe Dell Precision M4600 comb\fines laptop mobility and \borkstation-class performance into a dep\fendable, highly agile syste\fm that brings your projects to

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