Decision Making - Cynthia Sifonis Main Page

Decision Making - Cynthia Sifonis Main Page

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Types of Decision Making Models • Compensatory • Noncompensatory • Can be either normative or descriptive Compensatory Models

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1 Decision Making: ?  Involves evaluating alternatives and making choices among them. Phases of Decision Making Set or Revise Goals Make Plans Gather Information Structure Decision Make final selection Setting Goals ?   Goals frequently determine types of decisions ?   Take stock ?  Plans for future, principles/values, priorities ?   ?What am I trying to accomplish?? 2 Gathering Information ?   Options ?  Choices and possible consequences of those choices ?  Choosing one and closing off another ?   Criteria ?  To use when making a decision ?  Wish list ?   ?What are my options?? Structuring the Decision ?   Organize all the information gathered ?  Especially true for complex decisions ? Great number of options ? Lots of considerations ?  Need to determine or invent a way of managing all the information ?   ?How do I manage my information?? Making a Final Choice ?   Select from a final set of options ?  Simple or complex process ?   May involve other decisions ?  When to stop gathering information ?  Deciding which information is most reliable, relevant ?   ?What do I want to do?? 3 Evaluating ?   Reflect on and identify parts of process ?  That can stand some improvement ?  That ought to be used again in future decisions ?   Useful but often neglected stage ?   ?What went well?? ?   ?What didn?t go so well?? Difficulties in Decision Making ?   Short term Memory Limitations ?  Complex decisions with many alternatives ?  Difficult to hold all variables in memory ?   Variability in Alternatives ?  Difficult to determine means of comparison ?   Unknowns ?  Unanticipated variables might affect decisions 4 Modeling Decision Making ?   Normative models ?  Specify what a person should do ?  Provide a standard for how closely actual decisions match normative decisions ?   Descriptive models ?  Describe how people actually make decisions Types of Decision Making Models ?   Compensatory ?   Noncompensatory ?   Can be either normative or descriptive Compensatory Models ?   Allow positive attributes to compensate for negative attributes ?   Difficult decisions have many attributes ?  Decide whether to eliminate from consideration ?  Decide how to account for unpleasant alternatives 5 Compensatory Models ?   Modify summation rule ?  Makes it

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