CurriculumLaboratory Social(Studies: Search(Strategy(for

CurriculumLaboratory Social(Studies: Search(Strategy(for

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The search strategy presented in this handout uses the Understanding by Design method of instructional planning (UbD™, Wiggins and McTighe, 2005).

CurriculumLaboratory Social(Studies: Search(Strategy(for free download

1 Curriculum(Laboratory Social(Studies: Search(Strategy(for(Finding(Teaching:Learning(Resources This handout identi?es sources speci?c to Social Studies and is meant to be used with the ?Search Strategy? Handout, accessible online under handouts Find our web page at wwwulethca/lib (select Curriculum Lab) Use this Handout online to take full advantage of all the incredible links Understanding By Design The search strategy presented in this handout uses the Understanding by Design method of instructional planning ( UbD?, Wiggins and McTighe, 2005) Keith Roscoe summarizes the UbD? approach in the PS I resource ? An Introduction to Curriculum and Instruction: First Steps Towards Effective Teaching and Learning ? (Roscoe, 2011): Stage One: Identifying the desired results (such as knowledge, skill and attitude objectives based on the outcomes from the program of studies) Stage Two: Determining acceptable evidence for assessment of student achievement of the objectives Stage Three: Plan learning activities that promote student mastery of the desired results and success in appropriate assessment tasks Stage One: Identify Desired Results Programs of Study are found online at Alberta Education Print POS are in the Curriculum Lab: 375 Pro Soc In Alberta schools, the new Social Studies curriculum has two or three topics per grade from grades EC9, and 1 key issue for grades 1012 The new Social Studies curriculum for grades EC12 was gradually implemented, starting in 2005, and completed in 2009: KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: TOPICS FOR EACH GRADE Grade EC : Being Together ? Topic 1: I am unique ? Topic 2: I belong Grade 1 : Citizenship: Belonging and Connecting ? Topic 1: My world: home, school, and community ? Topic 2: Moving forward with the past: my family, my history and my community Grade 2 : Communities in Canada ? Topic 1: Canada's dynamic communities (Inuit, Acadian, Prairie) ? Topic 2: A community in the past Grade 3 : Connecting with the World (India, Tunisia, the Ukraine, Peru) ? Topic 1: Communities in the world ? Topic 2: Global citizenship Grade 4 : Alberta : The Land, Histories and Stories REVIEW(INTRODUCTORY(INFORMATION/PROGRAM(RATIONALE Curriculum)Laboratory/Handouts/Subjects/Search)Strategy 2 ? Topic 1: Alberta : a sense of the land ? Topic 2: The stories, histories and people of Alberta ? Topic 3: Alberta : celebrations and challenges Grade 5 : Canada : The Land, Histories and Stories ? Topic 1: Physical geography of Canada ? Topic 2: Histories and stories of ways of life in Canada ? Topic 3: Canada : shaping an identity Grade 6 : Democracy : Action and Participation ? Topic 1: Citizens participating in decision making ? Topic 2: Historical models of democracy : Ancient Athens and the Iroquois Confederacy Grade 7 : Canada : Origins, Histories and Movement of Peoples ? Topic 1: Toward Confederation ? Topic 2: Following Confederation : Canadian expansions Grade 8 : Historical Worldviews Examined ? Topic 1: From isolation to adaptation : Japan ? Topic 2: Origins of a western worldview : Renaissance Europe ? Topic 3: Worldviews in conflict : The Spanish and the Aztecs Grade 9 : Canada : Opportunities and Challenges ? Topic 1: Issues for Canadians : governance and rights ? Topic 2: Issues for Canadians : economic systems in Canada and the United States Grade 101 : Perspectives on Globalization ? Key Issue: To what extent should we embrace globalization? Grade 102 : Living in a Globalizing World ? Key Issue: To what extent should we embrace globalization? Grade 201 : Perspectives on Nationalism ? Key Issue: To what extent should we embrace nationalism? Grade 202 : Understandings of Nationalism ? Key Issue: To what extent should we embrace nationalism? Grade 301 : Perspectives on Ideology ? Key Issue: To what extent should we embrace an ideology? Grade 302 : Understandings of Ideologies ? Key Issue: To what extent should we embrace an ideology? Knowledge and Employability Social Studies Gr 811 Grade 8 : Worldviews Examined ? Topic 1: Isolation and adaptation ? Topic 2: Exploring the origins of a Western worldview ? Topic 3: Contact among cultures in the Americas Grade 9 : Canada : Opportunities and Challenges ? Topic 1: Canada : governance and citizenship ? Topic 2: Canada and the United States : an economic relationship Grade 104 : Living in a Globalizing World ? Key Issue: Should we embrace globalization? Grade

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