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Cosmology – HW 2 Solution Key. 1. Please consider the following universes: 1) A flat Ωγ = 1 universe. 2) An empty universe. 3) A flat ΩM = 0.32, ΩΛ = 0.68 Universe. (a) In units of the inverse Hubble constant, how old are each of these universes? Solution: 1) This one can be solved analytica

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P H YS 43 2/5 32: C osm olo g y W in te r 20 18 S olu tio n s to H om ew ork 2 P ro ble m 1 (1 5 poin ts ) P le a se co n sid er th e fo llo w in g un iv ers e s: 1 A at = 1un iv ers e 2 An em pty univ ers e 3 A at M = 03 2, = 06 8 univ ers e a ) In unit s of th e in verse Hubb le co n sta n t, how old are ea ch of th ese un iv erse s? b ) For ea ch of th ese univ ers e s, w hat is th e Horiz o n dis t a n ce rig h t now ? c ) For th e co n co rd an ce m od el (# 3), cre a te a plo t of dhor versu s a on alo glo g plo t Be su re t o ex te n d to a= 10 D o yo u notic e an yth in g in te re stin g? a ) The ag e of a univ erse ca n be ca lc u la te d usin g th e in te g ra l fr o m eq u atio n 58 3, an d su bstit u tin g t h e ap pro p ria te para m ete rs t0 = 1 H 0 Z 01 da a 2 + M a + a2 +  q 1 = 1an d = 0, w it h all oth er para m ete rs als o bein g zero t 0 = 1 H 0 Z 01 a da t 0 = 1 2 H 0 2 In an em pty univ erse , = 1, w it h all oth er para m ete rs bein g zero t 0 = 1 H 0 Z 01 d a t 0 = 1 H 0 3 t0 = 1 H 0 Z 01 da M a + a2 q 1 T he re su lt of th is in te g ra l is giv en in eq u atio n 51 0 4 t 0 = 2 3 H 0 1  p s in h ¡ 1  m r ! t 0  0 9 5 H 0 b ) The horiz o n dis tn ace ca n be ca lc u la te d base d on th e in te g ra l in eq u atio n 55 1 d hor( t 0 ) = cZ 0t 0 dt a (t) 1 dhor( t 0 ) = cZ 01 /2H 0 dt 2 H 0t p T he re su lt of th is in te g ra l is co n sis te n t w it h th e re su lt in eq u atio n 55 9 of th e te x tb ook d hor( t 0 ) = c H 0 2 dhor( t 0 ) = c H 0 Z 01 / H 0 d t t d hor( t 0 ) = c H 0 Z 01 / H 0 d t t T his in te g ra l does not co n verg e, im ply in g th at th e horiz o n dis ta n ce in aat univ erse is i n nit e , an ala gou sly to how th e horiz o n on aat su rfa ce wou ld be in  nit e ly fa r aw ay 3 a_ = d a a _ d hor( t 0 ) = cZ 01 da a _ a c H 0 Z 01 da M a + La4 p T his in te g ra l, sim ila r to th e on e fr o m part a has an an aly tic so lu tio n  but it is so m ew hat u nw eil d y to writ e It is ea sie r to use a nu m eric a l in te g ra to r or M ath em atic a

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It has been accepted for inclusion in Physics Capstone Project by an authorized administrator of. [email protected] For more information, please contact [email protected] Recommended Citation. Ward, Bryant, "Tilt Classifications in Perfect Fluid Cosmology" (2017). Physics Capstone Project 

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High precision observations of the cosmic microwave background. (CMB) have taught us a lot about the early universe. [Planck2015+BICEP2/Keck]. In fact universe, where quantum gravity effects are expected to be strong Spin foam cosmology [Bianchi, Krajewski, Rovelli, Vidotto; Rennert, Sloan; .

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1931 – MNRAS (a British journal) publishes an abridged English translation of Lemaître's 1927 Belgian publication. • 1931 – Lemaître in Shahn Majid in the section “A Hole at the Heart of Science,” constant situation for all of us.

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spacetime to have the topology M ∼= R × Σ whereas general relativity in its original formulation can have arbitrary topology [4]. Also, note that t is not necessarily a physical time. With the 3+1 decomposition above, a general metric can be written as ds2 = −N2dt2 + hab (dxa + Nadt). ( dxb +

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The collection of inspirational writings, that used art, poetry, drama, addiction and cynicism that we do. Q: