Corporate Communications Policy - Swedish Match - develops

Corporate Communications Policy - Swedish Match - develops

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Corporate Communications Policy Issue date: 2005 -12 20 Issued by: SVP Corporate Communications and Sustainability Version: 1.3 Date of last revision: 2011-12-15

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1 (3) Issued by: VP Communications and Public Affairs Recipient s: Operating Unit management teams Date of last revision : 2015 -04 -22 Version: 1.0 Group Principles on Communication 2 (3) 1 Introduction This document establishes general rules and principles for Swedish Match’s communication with employees and external stakeholders. 2 Group P rinciples on C ommunication  Information from Swedish Match shall be correct, relevant, clear, timely and proactive .  Swedish Match shall at all times comply with relevant rules and regulations related to communication and information.  The Group ’s corporate language is English. Consequ ently, internal communication that affects the group as a whole must be available in English. Local information may be given in the local language.  There shall be only one Swedish Match corporate website: www.sw .  Only designated spokespersons are permitted to issue statements on behalf of the Swedish Match Group or any of its subsidiaries.  Employees who are not designated spokespersons shall exercise caution when making public statements or comment s (for example in social media) if such comments can be construed as being related to the Group or its business and shall state clea rly that such statements and comments are persona l and does not reflect the view or opinions of the Group or its management.  Prior approval from the Chief Executive Office (“ CEO ”) is required for any communication which can reasonably be expected to have an effect on the share price. 3 Responsibility at Group level  The CEO shall keep the Board of Directors informed of any inform ation which can reasonably be expected to affect the share price of the Swedish Match stock or which could materially

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