Comparative Analysis using Bankruptcy Prediction Models. An online

Comparative Analysis using Bankruptcy Prediction Models. An online

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Comparative Analysis using Bankruptcy Prediction Models. An online computer-based system ANA GRAMA, PhD Professor DANIEL PĂVĂLOAIA, PhD Candidate

Comparative Analysis using Bankruptcy Prediction Models. An online free download

Comparat\bve \fnalys\bs us\bng Bankruptcy Pred\bct\bon Models \fn onl\bne computerbased system ANA GRAMA, \bhD \br\ffess\fr DANIEL \bVLOAIA, \bhD Candidate Department \ff Business Inf\frmati\fn Systems Faculty \ff Ec\fn\fmics and Business Administrati\fn Alexandru I\fan Cuza University \ff Iai Bdul Car\fl I nr22 ROMANIA [email protected]\f, [email protected]\f Abstract\b Bankruptcy in general, and especially bankruptcy predicti\fn m\fdels, have always been \ff great interest f\fr b\fth specialists and the\freticians Th\fugh several c\fmputerized systems that all\fw aut\fmated bankruptcy predicti\fn m\fdels exist, very few \ff them are available \fnline Theref\fre, in the current paper we pr\fp\fse an \fnline c\fmputer based system that all\fws a c\fmparative analysis using R\fmanian and internati\fnal bankruptcy predicti\fn m\fdels which analyze and give further directi\fn t\f a small \fr mediumsized enterprise that is interested in being studied In the auth\frs’ \fpini\fn, the inn\fvative feature \ff this system is devel\fped by c\fmbining three techn\fl\fgies: web, spreadsheet and expert systems Thus, the c\fmputer based m\fdel is accessed thr\fugh\fut a webpage (h\fsted \fn an Apache virtual server), is devel\fped using Exsys C\frvid and reads variables fr\fm tw\f spreadsheet files The website can be accessed at the f\fll\fwing address: http\b\f\ffeaac24feaauaicro\fbankruptcy\findexhtml KeyWords\b bankruptcy c\fmparative analysis, bankruptcy predicti\fn m\fdels, bankruptcy, SMEs, c\fmputerbased system, web techn\fl\fgy, spreadsheet 1 Introduct\bon Inte rest in the br\fader area \ff bankruptcy, and in particular in bankruptcy predicti\fn m\fdels, had been extensively c\fnfirmed by the increased number \ff materials published w\frldwide and nati\fnwide (R\fmania) Theref\fre, the specialized literature, b\fth internati\fnal and d\fmestic, pr\fvides lab\fri\fus inf\frmati\fn ab\fut different types \ff bankruptcy predicti\fn m\fdels In the pr\fcess \ff writing the current paper, we have been w\fndering ab\fut the reas\fn why the bankruptcy predicti\fn m\fdels have n\ft been better used in the business area and we have agreed that \fne p\fssible explainati\fn c\fuld be the c\fmplexity inv\flved in reaching the m\fdel results Given \fur c\fnclusi\fn, and bearing in mind the present massive use \ff c\fmputers, we believe that the predicti\fn m\fdels can be made available t\f every\fne interested, thr\fugh c\fmputer based systems (CBS) that inc\frp\frate the difficult f\frmulas T hus, we str\fngly believe that this may be the right time f\fr c\fmputerized predicti\fn m\fdels t\f have their due success In light \ff the ab\fve inf\frmati\fn, the main aim \ff the article is t\f select the

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