Community Valley Bank Proudly Participates in America’s Recovery

Community Valley Bank Proudly Participates in America’s Recovery

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(SBA ARC Loan Program Frequently Asked Questions). There is a six-month disbursement period followed by a 12 month no-payment period. Afterward,

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1 Media Inquiries Robert “Bob” Hahn, Chief Executive Officer Phone (760) 352 -1889 [email protected] Community Valley Bank Proudly Participates in America’s Recovery Capital Loan Program SBA launched new ARC loan program to help struggling bu sinesses El Centro, CA (Tuesday, August 11 , 2009) -- Community Valley Bank ( OTCBB: CMUV ) announced today it is participating in the Small Business Administration’s America’s Recovery Capital (ARC) loan program. “ARC loans are deferred -payment loans of up to $35,000 available to established, viable, for -profit small businesses that need immediate help to make their principal and interest payment s on existing qualifying debt. ARC loans are interest -free to the borrower, 100 percent guaranteed by the SBA, and have no SBA fees associated with them .” (SBA (5/18/09). SBA Launches New 100 -Percent Guarantee ARC Loan Program to Help Struggling Businesses . Press Rel ease. ) “This program will bring relief to many of our struggling small businesses. As far we know, we are the only bank in the Imperial Valley participating in the ARC program,” said Robert “Bob” Hahn, President and CEO of Community Valley Bank. “We have committed $3.5 million o f the bank’s capital to fund 100 AR C loans over the next 12 months.” The interest -free ARC loans must be used to make principal and interest payments on existing qualifying debt such as secured and unsecured conventional loans (mo rtgages, term loans, and revolving lines of credit), capital leases, notes payable to vendors/suppliers/utilities , Community Development Company (CDC) loan program (504) first mortgage loans, and credit card or home equity loan obligations used for busines s purposes. (SBA ARC Loan Pro gram Frequently Asked Questions ). There is a six -month disbursement period followed by a 12 month no -payment period. After ward , the borrower has 5 years to pay back the principal.

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