Common Filename Extensions

Common Filename Extensions

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Common Filename Extensions last revised 4/26/02 if an extension ends with K, it is a backup file for a particular program (except BMK--Help Bookmark)

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c:\documents and settings erry heggy\my documents\computer\common file extensions.doc Copyright © 2002 Performance Press Common Filename Extensions last revised 4/26/02 (Notes: Some programs may use these extensions for other types of files. Never delete a file unless you have a ready backup or are absolutely sure what it is. Also, there are many other types of files that are not listed here; this is just a sample list of some of the most common extensions.) For every file extension there is, visit the web site,281899,,00.html or ??_ = LZW Compressed file for use with Expand command ??K = Usually, if an extension ends with K, it is a backup file for a particular program (except BMK--Help Bookmark) ??T = Possibly a Template file for the format that starts with the same two letters 3GR = Enhanced mode video grabber ACL = MS Office AutoCorrect list ACM = Microsoft Setup file ACM = Audio Compression Codec ACP = MS Office Assistant Character Profile (Actor) ACT = MS Office Assistant Character Actor file ADI = AutoCAD plotter file AFM = Adobe Font Metrics AI = Adobe Illustrator drawing AIP = Adobe Illustrator Plugin AKF = Adobe Acrobat Key file ANI = Animated cursor ANN = Help annotation file APF = Adobe Acrobat Profile file ART = MS Internet Explorer Artwork ASF = Streaming Audio/Video file ASX = Streaming Audio/Video Shortcut AU = Digital recording file AVB = MS Chat Character AVI = Audio/Video Interleave (MS Movie), video clip BAK = Backup files BAS = Basic program. Requires proper version of Basic language to run BAT = Batch file

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