Class of 1943 Miller High School

Class of 1943 Miller High School

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Class of 1943 Miller High School Roger Benning Betty Bradley Barbara Bridenbaugh Genevieve Campbell Freda Clouse Deverne Danburg Phyllis Danburg

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Class of 19 43 Miller High School Roger Benning Betty Bradley Barbara Bridenbaugh Genevieve Campbell Freda Clouse Deverne Danburg Phyllis Danburg Helen Dean Opal DeGeest Harold Eschenb aum Elaine Gaudig Jeanette Glennon Henrietta Gohring Avis Hagen Dwight Hall Elmer Heilman Faye Hollister Arlene Huisman Russell Jacobsen LaVerne Johnson June Kopecky Marjorie L acey Kenneth Locke Benjamin Matter Edwin Meyer Merle Moncur Charlene Palmer Doris Pearson Ruth Renner Aileen Roalstad Velta Rogers Lilburn Russell Elaine Sargent Marian Schroeder Blanche Speirs Colleen Sutton Erdine Trotman Lois Warren Dorothy Winegar Charlotte Yost Beatrice Zimmermann

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