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What is the Texas law for child tractor or a passenger van designed to transport 15 or fewer An RV does not meet the definition of a passenger

CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY AND SAFETY BELT Frequently Asked Questions free download

1 CPS FAQ BW EDU 062010 CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY AND SAFETY BELT Frequently A sked Questions What is the Texas law for child passenger safety? All children younger than 8 years old, unless taller than 4’9”, are required to be in the appropriate child safety seat system wherever they ride in a passenger vehicle The safety seat system MUST be installed according to the manufacturer’s instruction s Another way of saying this is: When a child reaches their 8 th birthday – no matter their height, it is legal for the child to use only the adult safety belt in the passenger vehicle However, t he best safety practice is : if the child is not yet 4’9” , they are better protected if they continue to use the appropriate child safety seat system until they can properly fit in the adult safety belt Find the text of the law here: http://wwwstatuteslegisstatetxus/Docs/TN/htm/TN545htm#545412 What is a passenger vehicle? A "passenger vehicle" is a passenger car, sport utility vehicle, truck, light truck, truck tractor or a passenger van designed to transport 15 or fewer occupants , including the driver (Buses are not included in this definition) What is a child passenger safety seat system? An infant or child passenger restraint system that meets the federal standards for crash tested restraint systems as set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Examples: rear facing only safety seat, convertible safety seat, forward facing only safety seat, high back booster seat, backless booster seat, safety vest/harne ss What are the recommended four stages of child passenger safety? 1 Rear Facing Seat: Infants stay rear facing as long as possible – to the upper weight limits of the harness – but never forward facing before their first birthday and 20 22 pounds 2 Forward Facing Seat : Toddlers go forward facing in a five point harness until the upper limits of the harness, usually 40 65 pounds 3 Booster Seat : Children from about age four up to 4’9” tall 4 Adult Safety Belt : From 4’9” and taller Where do I go to have my car/booster seat checked, get assistance in learning how to use it, or to have hands on experience with a certified technician? A national list of certified child passenger safety technicians is found at: http://certsafekidsorg/ 2 CPS FAQ BW EDU 062010 When may I turn my baby from rear facing to forward facing? You must follow the requirements of the manufacturer of the safety seat you use Children are better protected the longer they can ride in a rear facing safety seat – up to two years if possible If your child has reached the upper weight or height limit of their infant seat, the next seat for that child is a convertible safety seat – installed rear facing The convertible safety seat will have a deeper seat area to allow children to ride rear facing for a longer period of time Various manufacturers have rear facing limits of 30, 33, 35 and now 40 pounds Many of the seats designed to be installed forward facing require that the child be at least one ye ar old AND 20 22 pounds – please read the owner’s manual for correct information on your particular safety seat system When may I place my child in a booster seat? Booster seats were originally designed to be used when a child weighed more than 40 pou nds – usually four five years old If your child has reached 40 pounds before their fourth birthday, and has outgrown the maximum weight limit of the currently used safety seat, you may want

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