Chapter 2. Law Corporations

Chapter 2. Law Corporations

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11/13/09 1 of 8 Attachment A: Proposed Law Corporations Rules Title 3. Programs and Services Division 2. Attorney Members

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11/1 3/0 9 1 o f 8 A tta ch m en t A : P ro pose d L aw C orp ora tio ns R ule s                  T it le 3 . P ro gra m s a n d S erv ic e s D iv is io n 2 . A tt o rn ey M em bers C hap te r 2 . L aw C orp ora tio n s R ule 3 .1 50 S co pe R ule 3 .1 51 E lig ib ilit y R ule 3 .1 52 A ppli c atio n t o r e g is te r a s a l a w c o rp ora tio n R ule 3 .1 53 A m en dm en t o r a b an d on m en t o f i n co m ple te a p plic ati o n R ule 3 .1 54 D utie s o f a l a w c o rp ora tio n R ule 3 .1 55 S pecia l r e p orts R ule 3 .1 56 A nnual r e n ew al R ule 3 .1 57 S hare s R ule 3 .1 58 S ecu rit y R ule

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