CEPR, What it is and what it does

CEPR, What it is and what it does

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policy modelling, WTO. • The economics of industrial organisation. – regulatory reform, competition policy, innovation, corporate governance. • Eurozone macroeconomics and institutions –. Eurozone regulatory architecture, monetary and fiscal policies, Emerging Europe, Eurozone business cycl

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CEPR what it is, what it does “ CEPR has become a synonym for the kind of economics we need” Mario Draghi, President, European Central Bank T he Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) is a network of over 1000 research economists based mostly in European universities The Centre’s goal is twofold: to promote worldclass research, and to help get the policyrelevant results into the hands of public and privatesector decision makers CEPR’s guiding principle is ‘research excellence with policy relevance’ A registered charity since it was founded in 1983, CEPR is independent of all public and private interest groups It takes no institutional stand on economic policy matters and its core funding comes from its institutional members and sales of publications Because the Centre draws on such a large network of researchers, its output reflects a broad spectrum of individual viewpoints as well as perspectives drawn from civil society CEPR researchers collaborate on the production, funding and dissemination of research – forming a “producers’ cooperative” where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts While the Centre has no in house researchers, it acts as a ‘thinknet’ of economists who are deeply involved in academic research as well as in the analysis of policy options and outcomes CEPR supports this with network services including securing funding for research projects, managing their implementation, organising conferences and public dissemination events, and managing publications and outreach Because the Centre’s research agenda arises out of highly decentralised initiatives, it is diverse and constantly evolving Some recent themes include: • International macroeconomics – the Global Crisis, Eurozone Crisis and responses, global financial architecture • The world trading system – Doha Round, Global Value Chains, megaregionalism, trade policy modelling, WTO • The economics of industrial organisation – regulatory reform, competition policy, innovation, corporate governance • Eurozone macroeconomics and institutions – Eurozone regulatory architecture, monetary and fiscal policies, Emerging Europe, Eurozone business cycles • Public economics – tax policy, welfare programmes, social insurance, inequality • Financial economics – regulatory reform, asset pricing, market and bank financing, SME funding, household finance • Labour economics – unemployment, migration, labour markets and the welfare state, economics of education, policy evaluation, effects of globalisation on labour market outcomes • Development economics – privatesector development, human capital accumulation, institutional change, randomised trials, impact evaluation • Economic history – patterns of longrun economic growth and development, the economics of World War I, and building a comprehensive understanding of global economic history The list is always adapting in response to the interests of our researchers and of the policy community “ CEPR did change my life and the profession in Europe and elsewhere It has allowed policy oriented economists to meet, think and talk to policymakers” Charles Wyplosz, Professor, Graduate Institute Geneva, Advisor to the French government and former Advisor to the Government of the Russian Federation Research excellence, policy relevance Research excellence For over three decades CEPR has played a key role in establishing the scientific excellence of economics in Europe The Directors of each of the Centre’s Programme Areas are leaders in their fields Together with CEPR leadership, they play a key role in ensuring the high quality of the Centre’s workshops, conferences and publications as well as ensuring that CEPR researchers meet high standards in terms of publication output They also play a catalytic role in launching research initiatives and moving CEPR researchers into promising new areas of study The Centre’s commitment to research excellence is also evident in the scientific honours that have been awarded to its Fellows The Yrjö Jahnsson Prize, for example, is awarded every other year to an outstanding

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