Case Study Motoring digital migration. Resilience and security

Case Study Motoring digital migration. Resilience and security

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Motoring digital migration. Resilience and security provided by TelecityGroup supports incredible growth of Auto Trader’s online and mobile platforms.

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Motoring digital migration. Resilience and security provided by TelecityGroup supports incredible growth of Auto Trader’s online and mobile platforms. Case Study About Trader Media Group Auto Trader, Trader Media Group’s flagship brand, has evolved from a print publication into the UK’s number one online marketplace for buying and selling new and used cars. Trader Media Group operates in the UK and Ireland, with a rich heritage in classified advertising stretching back to Thames Valley Trader in 1977. The Challenge Trader Media launched a portfolio of highly successful mobile products in 2010, including the Auto Trader smartphone app. It was essential to ensure these new platforms - and existing online platforms - were supported with the resilience, security and connectivity required to maximise the customer experience and service delivery. “We chose one of TelecityGroup’s Manchester data centres because of the outstanding levels of security and resilience offered at the facility, as well its superb 24/7 customer support that enables us to focus on growing our digital business rather than data centre management. Working with the provider of premium data centres in Manchester means we know we can continue to grow and launch innovative services in the years to come.” Tim Jones Group CIO, Trader Media Case Study Media The Challenge As the leading online marketplace for new and used vehicles, it is essential that buyers and sellers can always access and use Trader Media’s online products. In addition to the website, the company unveiled a suite of mobile products in 2010 enabling its users to further engage with its content and services via their smartphone or tablet. As such, security and resilience are crucial for maintaining Trader Media’s market leading position that requires its customers to be able to access their service 24/7 and process payments with upmost security, wherever they are. Trader Media Group’s business success relies

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