Career Pathway: Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Program

Career Pathway: Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Program

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Students will have portfolio pieces and gain a wealth of knowledge in the film industry. (FAS), Florida Medallion Scholars Award (FMS), and Florida Gold

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Academy of Film & Entertainment Career Pathway: Arts, A/V Technolog y & Communications Program Strand: Film & Video Students who choose a career in Film and Video will learn to use operating cameras, using editing software and worki ng on virtually every aspect of a film hands-on training and filmmaking. Students will hav e portfolio pieces and gain a wealth of knowledge in the film industry. Secondary Career Academy Development Timetable Academy classes are listed in bold type. Pre-Academy Grades 6 – 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 6th grade—Middle Moves and M/J Orientation to Art-2D 010100001 7 th grade—Career Preparation Requirement and M/J Art/3-D1 0101040001 8 th grade—Transition Tools and M/J Introduction to Photography 010200001 English I English II English III English IV Algebra or higher Geometry or higher Algebra II or higher Pre-calculus or Other Mathematics Course Earth & Space Science or Biology Biology or Chemistry Chemistry or Physics or Physical Science Science Elective or Other Elective World History Elective American History American Government / Economics 9th Grade Transition Foreign Language or Other Elective Foreign Language or Other Elective Foreign Language or Other Elective Film I 010741001 Film II 010742001 Film III 010743001 TV Production V Honors 110033101 Elective Introduction to Film and Entertainment 04006601 or Multimedia Technologies 010740001 Portfolio I-Television 0500980 or TV Production IV 110033001 TV Production VI Honors 110033201 or TV Production VII Honors 110033301 Elective Elective Elective Elective Suggested Electives: • Students may in their Junior or Senior year opt to participate in the Career Experience Opportunity (CEO) internship program us ing the following course numbers: Workplace Essentials – 83003101A (Honors

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